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    How many adult CFers work from home?

    I'd love to work at home and make a decent living...oh the dream
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    At The End Of My Rope & Need Some Advice Please

    Hi Blonde1, I have the Pari Trek S portable compressor with battery pack and comes with the Pari LC Sprint nebulizer, car and wall plug/charger. Works a treat, I take it to work with me in the car everyday in order to do my treatments. I work full time so it's very handy and I've taken it when...
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    At The End Of My Rope & Need Some Advice Please

    Are you pancreatic sufficient? All I can give in way of advice is you have got to push yourself to get moving. I assume you are not working, correct? If so then even better for you as you have more time than I do to exercise, but I cannot stress enough how much exercise has made a difference...
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    IV therapy at home/PICC question

    I had a PICC placed just last Monday and no sedation whatsoever, just some injections to numb the area on my arm. I'm 30 yrs old though so it might be different for kids. I will say there was allot of blood and the procedure took longer than expected cause the dang thing was giving trouble...
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    Where did my signature go?

    Okie dokie will do
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    Thursday Night Chat tonight !

    Hopefully I get to pop in for a bit
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    Where did my signature go?

    Maybe this has been covered before but I just realized my signature is no longer there? Maybe fromt he update? Any of the Admins have an answer?
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    NewER App for Home Spirometry

    Frank and Jonathan making great strides! Love this and I hope the industry jumps onboard speedily.
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    Chat Now!

    Not sure why all of a sudden but when I try to go into the chat room it says I need a java plug in which I already have installed but I still went and installed it again and still same thing... soo retarded!
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    Pari Pep or other Pep device for chest PT

    So, I wanted to hear from others' opinions on the Pari Pep if anyone uses it or any other PEP device used for chest PT/removing flegm. I have a Vest but I'm not very consistent with it and soon will probably end up being worse since I'm going back to school in Sept so between work full time...
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    First Post.

    Welcome! Lots of info and good people here
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    Tooth Extracted

    One of my back teeth have just recently begun to fall apart too. CF is pissing me off recently. Guess I'll see what the dentist recommends when I get in to see one.
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    Are you a pro-pill popper?

    Oh yah, I can down darn close to a hand full depending on the pill sizes
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    portable nebulizer machines

    ^^^ Ditto, I have the same one
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    Hard time coughing

    for me exercise always gets it moving regardless of how much coughing "triggers" I have with not much coming up. Also for me lying down on my back and sometimes even on an angle if needed and just breethe deeply will get it going. When I do that I fight the urge to cough so often and make it...
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    What does it feel like to go a day or two without albuterol?

    I've wondered this too, I do it about 4 times a day usually and if I was to miss it I will surely reap the "benefits" or lack there of for it if you get what I mean. Just last night I crashed on the cough early and when I woke up at after one this morning to move to my bed I was too tired and...
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    And if you have CF it might not be the best thing to do if you mean give of your personal time to be in there doing that - it just exposes you to too much bad bugs. Personally I avoid the hospital like the plague as much as I can, even when I need IVs I request to come in for the treatments and...
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    Experience with IV antibiotic Meropenem

    I've had it many times taken with ceftazidime and that combo seems to work well for. But i have developed something weird to one of those and i can't remember if it's the meropenem or the caftaz, basically in the initial startup dose that i get it makes me throw up. I first thought it was cause...
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    Personal Spirometry Survey for insurance and a correction!

    I've never seen a thread here on personal/portable/home spirometry before but then again I've only gotten back quite active on here in the last 2+ months or so, maybe it was before that. Anywho w/e I'll just continue saving and when I do have enough to pull the trigger on getting one then I'll...
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    So I'm 26 somehow.

    The first hemoptysis I had was the worst, in the middle of my sleep and I got the gurggling. thought I was dreaming I was drowning or something and woke up coughing, grabbed the trash can, spit and rolled back to go to sleep and the gurggling right away. I was like WTF this ain't normal...