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    Your favorite class in school

    What is/was your favorite class in school. The first Middle/HS I went to had the coolest classes one of my favorites was a superhero/comic book history class then another one was a mob mentality it was cool the teacher was from Africa and taught us some Somalian I could not remember a word...
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    Useless things you learned in school.

    What was the most useless thing you learned (or learning) back in school that all your teachers keep saying, "you'll use this someday", but you know you will mostly not use those lessons at all. For me, back in 2nd grade, my class were forced to learn how to write in cursive because my...
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    What's your favorite and least favorite smell?

    Favorite - Steaks cooking on a grill Least Favorite - Public bathrooms
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    What is your favorite time of day?

    My favorite time of day has got to be the early early morning hours right as the sun comes up and morning's pretty good too. What're your favorite times of the day?
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    Your Favorite Quotes

    I never said thank you.... and you'll never have to. (Batman Begins) If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. (Seasons) They say papa was a rolling stone, well I ain't papa. (Recoil) You can't remember what you never forgot. (My Uncle John) A rooster crows only when it...
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    What is a good gift to give to your friends.

    I have 6 friends and I really want to get them an awesome gift on holiday. I don't have much money but I don't want to send them a crappy card. We're all seniors in highschool and into gaming. Should I buy them a PS4? I'm serious. If you know any great gifts please tell me.
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    increased sats after hemoptysis!

    Yesterday i had another frustrating episode of hemoptysis. However, i noticed a 3-4% increase of sats after it. The hemoptysis hasnt resolved yet and the sats are still up ! Any idea why?
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    Exercise Examples an workout templates an info galour has all sorts of info concerning exercise, as for as what exercise for what bodypart, stretches an other general info thats great for all around health.Hope this helps some, I just found it an interesting site an wanted to share.
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    yoga breathing

    a little while back someone told me something about some type of breathing, I think associated with a certain yoga style, through which some guy has increased his lung capacity to three times what is average. For some reason I wasn't paying much attention at the time.I know capacity isn't really...
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    how common is it to get kidney stones when you have CF.?

    I wonder how common is it to get kidney stones when you have CF?