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    Tobi Prescription Roadblock, Please Help!

    If you need a month of Tobi (300mg/5mL Ampules) to tide you over, email me-
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    Exercise drink for someone with CFRD???

    awesome! I have a Kroger 15 mins away from my house. I'll check there, thank you! By the way, do any of you cough up some blood in your mucus after exercising? It seems I always do.. I know it's probably not something to be very alarmed about since blood in mucus is pretty common just from...
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    Doing the vest while inverted!?!

    Holy cow! I looked up the plow pose you mentioned.. I've never done yoga or any techniques like I mentioned.. But when I'm sick and not feeling good, I would sometimes lay on the floor and stretch... And I've done this position myself because it made me feel a little better. I never knew that it...
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    Doing the vest while inverted!?!

    Thanks guys. You're mentioning positions I've never heard of. I've never done stretching or drainage techniques before, could you guys give me more names of any of them you can think of? I can google the rest of the info and pictures myself. I've tried just googling cf stretches, drainage...
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    Exercise drink for someone with CFRD???

    Hi, thanks.. Are those flavored? And do you just mix them with water? Can I find them at Walmart or some other major chain? Thank you
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    Doing the vest while inverted!?!

    I've had this idea and wondered lately.. Sometimes it's really hard to get out mucus that's deep down.. They sell all these inversion therapy devices these days like the teeter hang ups table, or better yet, the boots from the 80s with the hooks that you free hang upside down from. If you found...
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    Exercise drink for someone with CFRD???

    I just got a stationary bike. I want to start using it today and I'm wondering which sports beverages would be best- I want something like Gatorade that has the electrolytes and all that crap, but doesn't have the carbs/sugars because of my CFRD. I've been trying to cut everything out of my life...
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    Ingrown hair problem

    I've had the same problem since I was 19.. My thighs right above my knees, and the bottom of my forearms more near my elbow. That's strange.. Never thought of it as a strange problem or CF related.. Could be.
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    Question regarding SSI/SSDI

    Well, I've been on SSI for 5-6 years now. I'm 25y/o male. I have worked from 2006-2013. My fev1 and lung function plummeted half way through last year. I haven't been able to work at all since. I've been clinging to the hope that I could still go back to work, but now I'm realizing I'm just...
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    Relationship Problems

    I'm 25/m with CF. Up until last year I was in a serious relationship for 4 years. Everyone has different demons, CF or not. I do know that whether my health was good, the relationship was fantastic, I still always had fears and guilts related to my CF. I feared the day things would become too...
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    Job/career for 25y/o male CF'er with 30% fev1

    Im really racking my brain lately trying to figure out what I'm going to do. When I was 18 I moved out on my own and had a decent construction job. After a year of that, the company I worked for went belly up. I moved back home and that experience made me realize I need an education. About half...
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    Is having CF a good enough reason to get a Medical Marijuana Card?

    I wanted to add- I was slightly nervous to ask my cf doctor for a referral. Marijuana is still kind of taboo. But when I asked my doctor he said sure no problem- if it helps you that's fine. He instructed that I strictly ingest it only of course. The point is we are sick, and we have an absolute...
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    Is having CF a good enough reason to get a Medical Marijuana Card?

    I'm a male, 24yo, I live in Michigan. I told my cf doctor that I would like a referral for a MM card and they wrote it for me no problem. I brought the referral to the state MM screener/doctor, and bingo, got accepted no problem. The appointment took 10 mins. They saw I had cf and asked me why I...
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    Trying to gain weight -- am I doing everything?

    I was on Periactin as well. It worked ok for me. Now I take this liquid called Megestrol. Now this stuff works really well for me.
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    Trying to gain weight -- am I doing everything?

    I have diabetes as well. I struggled with weight all through my school years. Finally I decided to ask the dr if I could have a gtube about a year ago and had one placed. Best decision ever. I am self conscience of it, but not as self conscience as I used to be for looking like a twig. Without...
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    Need some CF friends!!!

    Im Nick. And I'm 24! Im from MI. Diagnosed at birth. I actually have no cf contacts. Ive only ever met one other person with cf, very briefly. My health is decent I'd say, seeing as I still have my own lungs and my fev1 is around 35%. Not good by any means, but im glad I can still self maintain...
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    Rude Staff

    I was in the hospital last month. Ive been depressed lately, health has drastically declined over the past six months Ive gone from 68% lung function down to 19%! Ive now bounced back up to 30% as I just got home from an appt today. My girlfriend of 4 years and I also split up a couple months...
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    Keep getting sick

    I'm 24. Past few years I've really took a dive in health. Pts are 40s oxygen is 90 and falls to low 80s just from walking. I get completely out of breath within 30 feet of carrying something heavy, have to sit down and gasp for a few mins. It's really been effecting me psychologically. My...
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    Gross, embarrassing things that come with CF!

    I've also had oily farts from malabsorption that would stain my clothing while in school and I would have to hide it all day. This isn't gross but I also failed gym because I would refuse to shower because of my Gtube and I was very self conscience of my weight being 5'9 and 117lbs.
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    Gross, embarrassing things that come with CF!

    When I was in elementary school I would hold back from taking a dump all day long. One the days I couldn't hold it anymore I would finally give in and go to the bathroom. The problem was that the bathrooms were in each classroom. It would stink so bad and I would be so embarassed because the...