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    Increasing Lung Function

    Any tips on increasing lung function? I've had a 20% decline in the past month due to pneumonia and am trying to get mine back up, but it's not going very well. Thanks.
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    I'm curious to know if it is a good idea for us CFers to travel long distances? I spent Christmas in another state and came back sick. We are supposed to go with friends this year to Niagara Falls and I'm sort of afraid to travel that far and to another country. Thoughts? Experiences? Thank you
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    Phase 3 study of VX-659 triple combination drug

    I am hoping this study will start and end soon with quick FDA approval. I tried to get in the study and met all the requirements....except I grow the b cenocepacia bacterial so I couldn't get in. I cannot wait for the drug to come out on the market!
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    I am also taking Indrepta. I am on my first week of the full dosage (2 weeks total) and have seen such positive results from it! I cannot wait to see what other positive results I'm going to see!
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    new for me

    This is a new thing for me and I'm hoping someone else has either had this happen or can shed some light on what it might be? I started with a sinus infection that has gone into my lungs (as usual) but it was all very, very sudden (which is unusual but I believe is due to a stomach bug). My...
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    Lung Functions

    I've had a decline in my lung function over the past couple of months. I just finished a 2 week round of IV antibiotics and while the infection is gone, I had no increase in lung function. I'm feeling pretty discouraged and frustrated. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and...
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    Tobi pod haler

    I started the Podhaler last week and so far, so good.
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    Tobi pod haler

    I started the Tobi Podhaler yesterday. So far, so good. I do not tolerate the inhaled Tobi well at all, but needed/wanted something to alternate with the Cayston.
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    Upper Back Pain Due to Coughing??

    Does anyone here feel that when the coughing increases, the upper back is very sore? Then it's harder to take deep breaths. I've used a heating pad and that helps, but I'm not sure if this is related to my posture or coughing? What do you think? Anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
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    Problems getting back in shape

    Cali23, I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the same boat, only I'm 34 instead of 21! Getting back in shape is so hard to do, especially with all the other "duties" of everyday life that everyone deals with, CF or no CF. Thanks to pmae for the encouraging post, I needed it, too!
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    Sinus rinses?

    Before I do my nasal rinses, I like to do my breathing treatments. Call my crazy, but the HTS seems to really knock things loose in my head and it's easier to get rid of after the nasal rinse.
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    What's your experience with Cayston?

    The first time I took Cayston, I had a dramatic increase in lung function. However, I've not done that well in a couple of years (but this could be for a combination of other reasons) so I make sure I get it every 28 days! So my feedback is positive.
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    CF Gas...WHY?

    I had this problem for many years but did not realize I was able to help control it somewhat. I realized that perhaps my system just couldn't digest certain things so I began to pay attention to what I had eaten when my stomach was bothering me. Bread was the culprit. I am a pretzel and bagel...
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    Feeling down about kids

    I feel the same way, welshwitch! It's like I woke up one morning and I was 33. Although that's a GOOD thing ;) ... but my hubby and I have never really felt the timing was right for kids, we've liked things the way they are, but he's made mention of possibly something more recently. I'd love...
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    Do you have to blow your nose often?

    I never had a problem with having to blow my nose until I had sinus surgery in April of 2012. Now I have to blow my nose a lot of the time. I find that if I do my breathing treatments in the morning, followed by my sinus rinse, I feel much "cleaner" throughout the day and it's not quite so...
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    Bronchitol: 5% FEV1 improvement with one dose

    Is this available in the US? Sounds very promising.
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    Friends Don't Get It. Frustrating!

    I SO understand you! It's annoying beyond words. I constantly have to work to keep everything balanced. I've gotten to where I limit myself around certain people and try to just stay on a "how are you" basis and go on. I've learned which people to basically "stay away from"Of course, those...
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    I do Albuterol, HTS and Pulmozyme while doing my vest. Then I do the inhaled antibiotic. This is what the Respiratory Therapist in my CF Center tells me to do. She told me it was okay to do Pulmozyme while vesting, but after reading some of these posts, I'm wondering if I might should NOT...
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    Living with CF

    This may sound like a stupid question, and if it is, I'm sorry. Up until the past year, I've always been rather "healthy"...all things considered, I guess you could I'm literally having to learn how to live with CF in some ways. I get the crud from time to time ESPECIALLY during this...
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    Colistin info please..First time to try it

    I'm thinking of using this instead of Tobi, thanks to you all for the advice :)