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    Himalayan Salt Inhaler

    just saw this old post.. responding anyway.. yeah 7% HTS (hypertonic saline) irritates my lungs.. sometimes gives me haemoptysis.. so what I been doing last few years is I dilute it with normal saline. Usually I put about half HTS and half saline into the nebulizer.. regarding Himalayan salt...
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    Your favourite food?

    my favorite Chicken curry rice, or pork chop curry rice. I find curry good for my CF.
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    New Adult Diagnosis - Awaiting Sweat Test

    My understanding is the sweat test is not reliable for CF adults. My Sweat teats were ' inconclusive' when I was tested for CF in my 20s and 30s. (my sister had CF full symptoms, thats why they tested us siblings). The DNA tests they did on me in my 20s in Canada could not identify any my CF...
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    Anyone with 1585-1G>A or 3140-26A>G? Uncommon variant

    Any one with 1585-1G>A (legacy code 1717-1G>A) and/or 3140-26A>G ( heterozygous) ? I am over 50yr old. CFer.
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    gene c.3140-26a

    I know this is an old post but I also have 3140-26A>G . I think you are the first person I met with this gene. I understand from the genome people that only 4% of CFers in the world have this gene. (I don't have deltaF508.)