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    I am quite agree with your point of view that jogging and running are always best and most effective to clean out lungs. Some people run on treadmill but i think running outside is little better
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    Favorite Workout DVD

    I used to watch many dvds of different styles of workout but i found Tacoma gym dvds are best... Those are pretty easy to follow
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    Heart rate w/exercise? Plz help

    Heartrate which you have mentioned is too high and i think its due to CF.. I think you should get check heartrate again.. Before starting exercises you should have to consult with your fitness trainer or physician
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    I am quite agree with your point of view that power lifting is much effective but i think for more effective results of power lifting consultations of personal trainer are necessary
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    What does yoga do for you?

    No doubt Yoga is one of the best way to get rid from stress and depression.. It also helps in opening your lungs and increase heart rate.. If you wanna watch some Yoga video than subscribe Befit Tacoma on Youtube
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    Work out regime

    As far as i think before starting working out you should consult with your physician or personal trainer.. They can guide you better than us.. But if you ask about my suggestion than i would say just starting walking and don't do anyother gym exercises