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    How long to normal

    I always get impatient with how long it seems to take to recover from a bout of illness AFTER the antibiotics finish as I expect to be back at feeling my normal soon after the treatment, but between the side effects of the meds and the actual illness haven taken a toll on your body, it can take...
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    CF related diabetes

    Hi Julie, I do think the sliding scale is for more severe CFRD meaning they need long acting insulin to cover their baseline and then the short acting insulin on top of it with meals. I have anecdotally heard that when healthy people cut carbs, their bodies also react more sensitively to carbs...
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    CF related diabetes

    Hi Julie, I do mix it into all sorts of food, about a tablespoon at a time. I use in my coffee especially in the mornings, because I'm very groggy in the mornings and MCT Oil has (supposedly) good benefits for brain function right away...some call it "fuel for your brain" so teamed with the...
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    CF related diabetes

    Hi Julie, my CFRD manifests very similar to yours (my peaks are maybe a little higher but they come down just as quick, and my hba1c is always normal). I have learnt that CFRD is not the same in all patients with CF. In the beginning stages it can be this frustrating yo-yo effect of quick...
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    Hi Julie78, welcome to the forums! Just wanted to recommend that you perhaps start a new thread with your diabetes question and perhaps repeat your story, I'm sure it would attract a better response. All the best and I hope you find some answers :)
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    Handy remedy for more-than-usual-irritating CF cough

    I was sitting at my desk at work today next to a row of colleagues. At first it was just a trickle in the throat...then cough-cough...cough-cough-cough! You know the one. The more you suppress it, the more it comes. Years ago I had a building project happening at my house - one of the...
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    When did you decide to stop going to work?

    I think it depends on your health (subjectively how you are doing, not just the numbers) and the type of job (stress, hours, flexibility). I stopped working for a few years when I was 28years old and my FEV1 was gradually declining to about 60%. I was a school teacher and while I was not that...
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    Medical mystery: Collection of weird symptoms

    Hi, I was reminded of this thread which includes various people's account of suffering joint pain and swelling and thought it may be an interesting link in this context. I also have...
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    Fabric antibacterial mask recommendations

    Wow thank you so much for all the responses. I had no idea about the vogmask/CFF statement so thanks for that input. I am not so concerned about the appearance, more the discomfort of an ill-fitting disposable mask that is scratchy and makes breathing feel very "stuffy". I have been doing...
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    Fabric antibacterial mask recommendations

    Hi all, Do any of you use fabric masks instead of the disposable paper surgical masks that are uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through. I am talking about any situation when you'd normally wear one, e.g. going to clinic, flying on plane etc. Which brands have you found to be comfortable...
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    pickles anyone?

    Seems like so many people with Cystic Fibrosis like pickles! Found this cool article on Pickles and sodium content - it has a column on the right showing exactly how much sodium is in different types of pickles.
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    Sauna and CF

    Thanks for the input - I'll keep this in mind. I'm in South Africa so yes the climate is generally sunny and warm, so the salt in summer especially is worth looking into (and not just for sauna).
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    Sauna and CF

    Thanks for the input. I was wondering about a more exact guideline for salt replacement in CF? What do your clinics commonly tell you? I've generally just been told to eat a lot of salty snacks, but I found a guideline online which recommends 6000mg/d of sodium for CF Adults (that is 3 teaspoons...
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    Sauna and CF

    Hi all, anyone with Sauna-ing experience? I recently started looking into Saunas for overall health benefits, such as improved circulation, reduced inflammatory muscle/joint pain, increased white cells (immune system) etc. I'm referring to the dry saunas with the hot rocks as used in Finland...
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    My Alex

    Dear Heather, we are so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family. I'm not familiar with the disposal/donation regulations in the United States as I live elsewhere, but I'm hoping someone else from the community can provide input. One idea perhaps is to reach out to...
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    Adrenal insufficiency

    No responses yet so I'm guessing not too many CFers have experience with this? I don't know much about the topic either. Just curious: what were your son's symptoms and how is it being treated? Good luck and hope the treatment is successful.
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    Hi everyone, we published a blog about Honey on this site a few months ago, it touches on some of the potential benefits of Manuka honey in CF specifically (many of which LittleLab4CF pointed out above).The blog has some links to further reading, if anyone is interested check it out...
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    Px Routine

    Love this!
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    After 1879 hours DS' Vest is Kaput

    "Beatments" lol. Good luck, hope it arrives soon!
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    Recommendations for a better travel compressor

    Hi Rebjane, yes it is expensive! My insurance paid 80% and I have to pay for my replacement aerosol heads out of pocket, however I STILL feel it is the best nebulizer I've ever had and due to all the time saved and ability to take it with me anywhere (it runs on rechargeable batteries too), I...