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    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend
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    Chinese coronavirus vaccine could be ready for trials next month?

    and yet they refer to it as the "Chinese Coronavirus?"
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    Classic CF class 1 and 2 mutations, no symptoms

    Trikafta My daughter who is now 26 has a class1 and 2 mutation and she went undiagnosed till 10 years of age. She started showing symptoms at about 8 1/2 years old though but despite many worried trips to the pediatrician she went undiagnosed! She is currently in the VX trial that was just...
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    Hello! Just saw this. My daughter also has this same gene which is very common in the Swiss population. Her other gene is also delta508. She was diagnosed at 10 years old. She really did not exhibit symptoms till she was about 8 1/2. She started losing weight and coughing at night. I must have...
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    Cleaning neb on college dorm?

    My daughter used a "wabi baby" (used for baby bottles) and it worked perfect. You had to buy sterile water which was a pain but otherwise, its quiet, ez to use and you can keep the items stored in it till you use instead of laying on a counter. It has an automatic shut off.
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    600 years’ supply of cystic fibrosis drug destroyed in price row

    Vertex received millions of dollars from the CF Foundation for years to fund their research. Now, they charge the CF community outrageous prices for the drug. :(
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    NAC vitamins vs Mucinex?

    my daughter is taking NAC Sustain by Jarrow 600 mg twice a day. Though her lung function stayed consistent, no better no worse, the first blood work she had after starting it showed a dramatic decrease in her inflammation markers. This was the only thing different in her regiment. We don't...
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    Isn't that the truth? At least we are in a time when their is more hope than ever before. Stay strong. >>>HUG<<<<from one worried parent to another.
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    FEV1 Testing Concerns

    I have also worried about this. I was assured that there is a filter that blocks out 99.9% ......of course every time my daughter is using it I keep thinking about that .01%. I fear the clinic for her but really feel the hospital is where you get the most bugs. Has anyone else asked? Just...
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    American Healthcare Act

    It is my understanding that there is definitely a loop hole that would allow states to reinstate the lifetime caps. I found this by googling and read different sources. Obamacare was not perfect but a step in the right direction. Its a shame that Congress will not work together to come up with...
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    residual functions and 661

    yes, Scott Gottlieb is a venture capitalist with many financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies and he will do whatever it takes to push these drugs through..,
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    Change in prescription category for Creon

    Yes, i fear we are entering very uncertain times with the corporate world with them already talking about lifting any safeguards and regulations placed on them in the last 8 years. Here we go are they treating Creon like its not a necessary drug? My daughter fights to maintain her...
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    Potential ramifications of election...

    How do you know it will include protections for those with a preexisting condition? Who will fight it, which house of Congress? I sure hope you are right but this is a huge win for the insurance companies, not the American people.