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    tri verus quad flu shot

    There's a .gov website that will tell you which pharmacies and what they have. Just do a search for the quadravalent flu shot and it should come up within the first two or three suggestions. Then of course call up the pharmacy you want and check if they have them in yet. That way you can select...
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    Styrofoam Rx boxes

    I have taken them to our local pack and post after calling them asking them if they could use them. Maybe, just maybe they'll remember that come Christmas shipping time and give me a little discount, haha! My daughter just moved to California and they have a horrible time getting rid of stuff...
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    Best portable o2 concentrator?

    I'm a little late on chiming in here but thought I'd add anyway. It's a bit difficult to find a lightweight portable that is a continuous flow going higher than 2 or 3. I believe the Sequal does do continuous but it's not small. Liquid is a great alternative but many companies are going away...
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    What do you take with you when admitted!

    We bring sheets, pillow & blanket among many of the things already listed. The jersey type sheets they use in the hospital make my daughter all sweaty and since she's in there for a while, she likes it to be a bit more colorful with her own sheets and blanket. For those of you who said they...
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    Tricare Coverage for CF Dietician?

    Aboveallislove, That's exactly what I thought! Well, not the 20% but that she was responsible for the remainder of the bill after the allowable amount. Which is why she turned down the actual suggestion that she change over to standard from prime. Her husband is a senior airman, they can't even...
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    Tricare Coverage for CF Dietician?

    Hth, I'm not the original poster but I've a question for you about switching to standard. You say there's a $200 deductable, is that it? No out of pocket expenses past the $200? They once suggested that to my daughter when she was trying to get her care back to an out of network CF doc. She was...
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    Tricare Coverage for CF Dietician?

    Hi, I don't have any advice on how you go about getting it approved but my daughters CF dietitian care was always covered as part of their CF clinic visit care. Usually, I believe, your CF visit is a all inclusive cost with the exception of lab work and pft's. Now, some clinics, at least adult...
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    Informal Survey

    Both grandfathers of my girls served in Vietnam.
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    traveling + eating post transplant?

    Hi Caitlin, I'm a mom of a transplant recipient. My daughter wasn't allowed to return to college until 6 months post. We went to Australia at 17 months post tx. You would want to get your teams approval to travel outside the country once you have returned to your normal life. My daughter was...
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    Does anyone know what I can do about my severe barrel chest?

    How long ago did you have your transplant? My daughter's barrel chestedness (if that's even a word, lol) slowly reduced over her first year post tx. It's due to air trapping, the hyperinflation that LL mentioned. Post tx you don't have that so it can diminish. It didn't completely go away but...
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    homage to my beloved son died after 28 years of fight

    I am so sorry for the loss of your son. For me, there is no greater grief than to lose a child, no matter their age, they are still your child. My heart is heavy for you.
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    Wondering about CF care in Denver & TX program

    Thank you so much, John! How is the response time when you call because you're not feeling well?
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    Anyone out there that goes to the CF clinic in Phoenix?

    Hey Autumn! No, I sure don't know Laura. That's would be great, if you could put me in contact with her! I've heard from another person that they weren't too thrilled with the Tucson clinic. With Phoenix having a transplant program too, that'd be the better option vs Tucson. They're also looking...
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    Anyone out there that goes to the CF clinic in Phoenix?

    I'm looking for anyone who goes to clinic in Phoenix. How do you like it there? The hospital during admit? The docs, the care, aggressiveness etc. Here's why all the questions. My daughter and husband are looking at receiving orders to a new base. One of the possibilities is Luke. I'm also...
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    Wondering about CF care in Denver & TX program

    Thank you so much! I'll be sending you an email.
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    Wondering about CF care in Denver & TX program

    I'm looking for anyone who goes to clinic at Jewish National in Denver, Colorado. How do you like it there? The hospital during admit? The docs, the care, aggressiveness etc. Do you live in CO travel there for clinic? If you travel, how does the elevation affect you? Here's why all the...
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    Relocating for Transplant

    Hi Donin, anything specific you're wondering about? My oldest daughter and I temporarily relocated for her to be listed for tx. She was in college at the time, we had a house in Texas and our younger daughter in high school. We relocated to the Bay Area for Anná to be listed. It is a scary...
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    anyone who had a lungtransplant got pregnent after the transplant ?

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I hadn't heard of anyone that has gotten pregnant post tx. but also add, to kemcloney3, that her doctor probably more meant that it was extremely ill advised to get pregnant post tx. There are so many things to take into consideration as far as pregnancy is...
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    Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

    Thank you, Usual Suspect, for the link. I either missed that it was actually put in your mouth or it wasn't mentioned in the initial post. This is quite interesting though. My first thoughts came after the video said that it takes 30 minutes to complete the therapy, wondering if there are...
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    Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

    Sounds like the Frequencer to me. How is this different or is it not?