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    Nebulizing with a CPAP Mask on stationary bike?

    I want to indoor cycle and neb at the same time. Does the Alb/Saline/Tobi travel effectively through the CPAP tube to the face? Needs to be hands-free.
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    I have leftover Tobramicine in Fairfax VA

    My sis in law mother passed in Fairfax, VA they have about 28 vials of Tobramicine.
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    Pulmno in Chicago?

    Any suggestions for adult pulmonologists in Chicago? Anyone at the UofC? In my experience few pulmo's know CF/bronchiectasis protocol.
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    Good battery powered Compressor

    Buy an inverter and run your home nebulizer in the car. Don't skimp on the Wattage - go with 1000W+ or else it will wheeze more than you. I also have a Trek Sport which I use in a pinch though it can overheat. Not designed for prolonged use.
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    Nebulized Colistin.

    Have a compound pharma mix it for you. I use No, I don't work for them. Ask about the Pari Trio.
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    Recommendations for travel bag for nebs/meds/ compressor

    I use this and then label the pockets with a sharpie A = Albuterol H = Hypersal S = Syringes C = Cannulas, etc. so I can find stuff without even looking. The bag looks retro...
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    I love my eFlow and I'm an Orangutan! No virus, great for kids!
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    Traveling with Pari eFlow

    I have several strategies as I travel a lot: 1) DON'T! I use the Pari Trek S and bring a bunch of cups. Use once and sterilize when you get home. Make sure to bring the car charger if you are on business trips requiring you to rent cars, etc. Sometimes I bring an inverter if the car lighter...
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    If you are using a compounding pharmacy to premix Colistimathe you should be aware of the following article: Let us know what your compounder is telling you. This alert is dated...
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    mobilaire compressor

    Hi all, I've been struggling to find the right nebulizer for months. I'm concluding there is little consensus and a lot of confusion around this. Manufacturers are not licenses to dispense medical advice and doctors won't discuss equipment. This leaves us to struggle for ourselves. I...
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    Why don't you buy this? (I'm not a sales rep)

    I'm a patient who is frustrated with how long it takes to nebulize (see my other thread). Is it just me or are nebulizers generally lame? We all use the Trio or eFlow but it clogs and before you know it you're back to 30+ minutes of nebbing. How many of you are using heady duty compressors...
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    Nebulizers - What is right? Does PSI make a difference?

    What it the right nebulizer for airway clearance? We're nebulizing 8+ ml's of fluid and most portables aren't designed for extended use. What is the variable we're looking for? PSI? Volume? particle size? If the answer is "all of the above" then what is right versus convenient? I...