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    stomach aches

    I am sorry to hear about these issues. I had the same pains in my stomach and even around to my back. It has been going on for over two years and I have had every scan, ultrasound, increase in enzymes and so on. A few weeks ago I had an endoscopy and they found that I have celiacs from the...
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    hypertonic saline

    Love doing HTS. It is somewhat taxing just because you have to be prepared to cough - a lot! But I think it is a life extender/saver. My previous Dr. Told me if he had to prescribe just one drug for CF that is the most important - he would choose the HTS. I do 7% twice a day and never miss it...
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    coughing up badly at nights

    I had that same issue for years and my doctor put me on Imeprozole and had me buy a slant pillow to sleep on. I never even thought I had acid reflux but this combination has stopped my coughing at night. Hope this helps!
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    Surprising Results with Essential Oils! Give it a Go!

    Message to Salty One Re Turmeric I take a brand called Ocean Avenue. I became familiar with them through skin care because I am a skin care formulator. I formulate skin care for this company but they happen to have a brilliant scientist on staff who works for University of British Columbia...
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    Surprising Results with Essential Oils! Give it a Go!

    This is such great information and thank you for posting. There are so many natural therapies that I wish the medical community would study and endorse but unfortunately there is no money in it. I usually am hospitalized twice a year. I started taking a specific brand of Turmeric that I heard...
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    KEEP it UP! I believe running has saved my life. Keep it up and push for goals every time. Hills, faster, sprints etc. I am 52 and holding. Good job
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    What do you really think the Vertex discoveries mean for us?

    I too look at these developments with great anticipation and prayer. I can only imagine how hopeful you mothers with little children with CF, are. This will one day be life changing for everyone and we pray that day comes soon. The encouraging news is that even with the drugs we currently...
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    Tobi treatment didnt work

    Does he take Cayston. Love that drug. Also I started sleeping on a major slant pillow (Doctor insisted) and my coughing spells at night have greatly diminished. Good luck and hope you find something that helps your son.
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    Ocean Avenue products This is so ironic because I just started taking a line of products by Ocean Avenue. It is a MLM company but I just buy direct. I learned about them and two products that are NAC (precursor for Glutathione). Once called Whey beyond and a product called Empower which is...
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    Possible new way to fight lung infections

    Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar - my new discovery This is interesting and brings up the point that there may be so many natural ways to fight our resident bacteria. I have been doing a lot of research on the effects of raising our bodies pH to an alkaline state and the positive effect it has on...
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    Is anyone with CF a police officer?

    These posts are so inspiring and although I am not in police work- I am so happy to see everyone supporting each other to follow our dreams. Giving in and giving up is never an option - we have to shoot for the stars! Bless you all. Shelly Maguire
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    I love how quick and easy the Cayston is compared to Tobi. Do not like the way I feel on Tobi at all. I also had good success with the Colistin. My Dr is just switching it to Cayston to see if that will bring up my PFT's. I could not find a sterlizer anywhere so I am using a pan of water...
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    Fall over tired, and have no energy. Kind of scaring me

    fatigue thoughts That was my same thought as to the fatigue being tied to Mycobaterium. There are many strains and they are identified through a sputum culture but it has to be a specific test for this. It is not the traditional sputum culture which only takes a few days for results. This...
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    I am a girl . . well, woman (hate when I went from Miss to Mam!) I am 52 yrs old FEV 59 and holding (I hope) Live in Naples Florida Married to the most wonderful caring man who is my best friend and the love of my life! Used to be overweight my whole life, now I am too thin and don't like that...
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    HELP! My 10yr old is refusing to do airway clearance

    I feel for the pain you must be going through. I am now 52 but my parents and I still remember the days of my unwillingness to comply with their efforts. IT is tough. Personally I think that create a few different choices and let her choose the method and the time - but one way or the other...
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    Zithromycin Mon wed and fri

    I was on it for years and did like the effect - less flare ups. But once i tested positive for Abcessus, they had me go off of it because it is part of the treatment for treating abcessus-should I eventually need to treat it. Anyone else told that too?
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    Constant tickle in throat causing constant cough

    I feel for you. I have had that same thing and I did find that trying imeprozole over the counter, twice a day, eventually did help. I also did one month of the nasal steroid spray and hard to say if that helped or it was the combination. Could you have allergies to something in your room...
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    What song do you relate your CF fight to

    "I get knocked down, but I get up again" by chumbawanba.