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  1. dbtoo2

    Search Womans from your town for night

    I don't know what your everyday language is, but English is obviously not first OR second! GO TROLL meta, or X or instagram, you'd find a much easier target base over on those sites.
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    Direct Admission Through ER??

    doc could have a picc line placed and you could do antibiotics at home.
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    i took it for a while, but found it was not doing anything helpful for my body! I'm always 'pre-diabetic' on their tests. Which I have learned means we take a wait and see attitude not a treat it like you got it one. In my humble opinion, the less drugs i take the better off i am. I'm down...
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    CF Care is out of Network

    Every insurance company has an appeal process. You can start with that. Another consideration might be Healthwell Foundation, or one of the other organizations that provide funds for CF and other diseases. They may be able to reimburse costs up to their max amounts (depending on your income...
  5. dbtoo2

    Sad that this particular site is now attracting idiots who just intend to spam it

    This site used to be a successful place for people with CF. We had the occasional trolls that joined, some with disease by internet proxy. But of late, this amount of spam created, moron's trying to sell products, sex, it's just sad.
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    AI Powered App could predict health care...

    AI is a program. It's at the mercy of its creators. The results will only ever be what the content writers say it will be. Even when they have enough power and memory to begin to generate their own neural network connections, STILL it will only do what the originators permit. and THAT is...
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    When did you decide to stop going to work?

    That's not true! You won't get more sick because you stop working. I do MORE today, Because I stopped working. Increasing difficulties is a way of life in a genetically degenerative disease. You cannot always avoid issues. But many are, depending on many things to include, but not limited...
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    We remember Jazzysmom. 5 years

    all these years... i'm still here and still think about those we've lost... :cry:
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    do you have medicare and are on trikafta?

    I went with the medicare advantage plans. you have to watch those though, you might need to switch plans like i did because the plan i had dropped my CF clinic hospital's pharmacy from their plan. There are multiple copay assistance options. do a search for copay assistance programs. i was...
  10. dbtoo2

    Hypertonic Saline Backordered

    Yes. Pharmacy decided to swith me to 3% normal saline for injection in 15ml vials, as if it was the same thing! Then they lied about it and said it was what the doctor had ordered for me. I've been told there is a 3.5% hypertonic solution available.
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    do you have medicare and are on trikafta?

    I signed up at 'register' to apply and create an account. I haven't tried to get a reimbursement yet, I'm just getting things set up for next year.
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    Creon vs Zenpep

    i've done much better on zenpep. creon gave me several bouts with fibrosing colonopathy and constant bloating. zenpep is much better. understanding the fat contents of what you are eating and how many pills of which strength to address the fats consumed is of great importance. i have two...
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    We remember Jazzysmom. 5 years

  14. dbtoo2

    do you have medicare and are on trikafta?

    What insurance plans are you on that cover trikafta while on Medicare? Or did you give up Medicare to take a separate policy?
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    Trikafta with no purge???

    been on trikafta for almost a year, no purge.
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    Am I tired of this work?

    Thank you Imogene!
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    Beth Sufian's guide to insurance

    The link no longer was working
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    Abilify and Trikafta?

    what does the PDR day about abilify . An austistic child my not be capable of voicing concerns when they've experienced side affects! kalydeco is in the PDR. but not trikafta yet.
  19. dbtoo2

    Inhaled Tobi vs. Tobramycin

    Ask the Dr to mark your perscription for TOBI as 'medically necessary' 'dispense as written'. The insurance company and state laws allow for the substitution of drugs for generics if they don't mark it as dispense as written. i've found the generic tobramycin, depending on the manufacturer...
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    High Cholesterol on trikafta?

    I have a similar experience. Dizziness too!