aching joints (feet, hands, hips), fatigue, and headaches???


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So for the last month my hands have been aching along with my feet and hips. I've also been more tired than normal and getting throbbing headaches. I've googled a few things and I've come across arthritis, fibromyalgia, and low thyroid to name a few. Are any of you diagnosed with any of these or know what could be causing this? I've made an appointment with my PCP since my CF specialist told me to check with them. Thanks for any input as my CF dr. doesn't think it's CF related.


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Probably a dumb question, but are you properly hydrated? I know I get a lot of soreness and feel generally sluggish if I'm not.


I have some of the same symptoms that you described. My docs said I likely have CF related arthritis. For me it can sometimes mean that I am fighting something... especially if I have a bad flare up of joint pain in numerous parts of my body. After saying this.... weather can also affect my joints (rain and change in barometric pressure. Have you had your oxygen levels checked lately?? I had headaches and I needed oxygen at night.... headaches gone.

Do you have any food allergies?? I found out I am highly sensitive to certain foods and I eliminated them from my diet and the rate in which I get headaches dropped drastically. Some people may not agree with this theory....

I would also agree with Oboe as well... stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated can cause headaches and a feeling of "ick".

Make a few simple lifestyle changes and if the joint pain and headaches don't go away... check with your doc.

Only suggestions.... Good luck. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


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I had all these symptoms, my headaches got so bad migraines meds wouldn't work and my body hurt so bad I couldn't walk upstairs or pick up my infant son. I had an upper endoscopy done and the GI confirmed celiac disease. It affects the same genetic population and the vitamin deficiencies are the same so my CF docs just missed it. Get checked- I literally feel like it saved my life.


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are you taking Cipro or another antibiotic in the same class as Cipro. If you take them long term, they will cause all the symptoms you mentioned. I was on Cipro for 2 years, and it almost crippled me. Then another CF patient told me to quit Cipro. It took a few months to completely clear out of my system, but the symptoms starting diminishing a week or two after quitting the Cipro.


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Hydration might be a contributor like the above poster mentioned, one of the first places I would look would be vitamin levels. When did you last have them pulled? That would also account for why otherwise feeling better or changes in diet etc. wouldn't help.