Allergic reaction


I started morepenem on Tuesday. No problems. Friday morning my torso was covered in hives. I visited the ER and was sent home with orders to stop the med and treat with benedryl itch cream

Friday afternoon they send me to infusion center to try a new medication— don’t remember its name. Within 5 minutes of infusion i was having shortness of breath, sudden headache and panic feeling. They stopped the med immediately and flushed my line. Another allergic reaction. Luckily it stopped and I was safe. They wanted to give me iv benedryl but it knocks me out for two day. I would not be able to infuse myself, walk or talk or eat.

Doc wants me to come back Monday and try it again. He wants me to take Claritin from Saturday through Monday. I am scared out of my mind to try it again.

We have one more drug left to try after this. I am allergic to everything else. Gotta kick this infection but also risk severe allergic reaction.

What do I do???