Dental surgery and antibiotics


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My 14 year old DD, will be having a small dental surgery in which they will be pulling 2 teeth. I was wondering about the need to start antibiotics before or after surgery?? The nurse had mentioned it, but wanted to ask you guys and her CF doctor if it is needed? She has cultured MSSA and MRSA in past. Thanks for your help


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Mine had 2 teeth pulled, but it was done under a local and didn't require much for aftercare. Check with your cf clinic


I would do an antibiotic!!! I had a tooth pulled a year and 1/2 ago and I developed Nocardia. I found out you don't mess with Nocardia. Talk to your CF doc.


Definitely do the antibiotic. I just had my wisdom teeth out a month ago (I'm 34) and my mouth got infected after. One round of antibiotics knocked it out. It was a bad experience overall (the infection, not the tooth pulling). I'm surprised all dentists don't just prescribe an antibiotic "just in case."
At the Copenhagen CF centre patients are instructed to nebulize colistin before and after a visit to the dentist if the operation involves water (for example drilling), and they also take an oral ab. My son always nebulizes Tobi before and after any visit to the dentist.


I think that the doctors prescribe oral medicines 3 days before any dental surgery. Oral medicines are must before any surgery.