Direct Admission Through ER??


Doc wants to get my lung infection treated. He wants me to walk into ER and ask to be admitted for two weeks. No orders placed... no pre-authrorizations... Nothing. My insurance company said if that happens they won't likely pay for services. Nurse and doc tried to tell me that things have changed since COVID... that I need to get caught up with the new way things work.

Called PCP and he says the same thing.

I am not currently working with a CF team (they are out of network).

I am an older CFer and I was told to avoid the ER like the "black plague" all of these years. I was reading online that I could be sitting in ER waiting for a bed for many hours. I am concerned about contracting a new infection (COVID, staph or whatever else) on top of what infection my lungs are dealing with now.

I have only gone to ER one with lung issues once in my life and they were quick and smart enough to read my chart and luckily started masking up and gowning up (this was before COVID). Other ER visits for not related CF... i ended up going home with a brand new infection.

I am so used to CF team doing a direct admission but these regular docs don't seem to know what I am talking about. I don't have energy to "educate" these doctors.

Do I comply with ER admission or do I demand direct admission?? (Not just for financial reasons).


Looks like that is what we are doing. Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Update- they signed me up for services/providers/facilities that are out of network. I would have to pay for entire 2 weeks of IVs out of pocket. Nope… not gonna do that.
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