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I've always believed that being missed as a child meant being PS . These days I'm really starting to wonder whether a small dosage of enzymes would help. So I saw *pancreatin* by twinlab (quadruple sttength) at my local whole food and decided to try it for a short time as an experiment...that was this morning and maybe its the placebo effect but...uh its been a long time since my gut was this well behaved.

So now I would like to make this a valid test with minimum risk to my health....in part as something to bring to a doctor to encourage further testing.

Is this equal to CF enzymes? I can't swallow pills so the capsles are being vhewed or openned.

The dosage on the bottle is one...one before meal and half toward the end of a meal seemed to do the trick.

What is the best way to protect half capsles?

Is one week a valid test?

And if this is making a differance how much does that strength my case for being on the CF spectrum....because limbo is a rather annoying place to be.
update-day 3

Despite the lack of feedback (waving at you guys and gals), the experiment continues.

It is now the third day of my experiment and other then a major scare with increased congestion the first morning...I won't say there are no side effects....but overall what an incredible differance.s
My throat has actually openned up a fair amount which is totally unexpected...I didn't even realize there was that much of an web of mucus in there until litterally feeling it pop.

I suspected that 30 plus years of post nasal drip was putting a lot of mucus in my stomach....I don't know if these enzymes are breaking up the mucus or just helping me digest better so food makes it through more easily...but there are some side effects but the overall improvement...wow.

On a slightly TMI front lets just say I think I now know what "normal" BM looks and feels like.

I'm still on Rantadine (h2 blocker) but it actually seems to do the job now. ...for example.

I'm also getting better at understanding how to take a cap during a meal or snack and preserve the rest...the timing and spacing of it.
Which is good because while this week is about using enzyme with everything...I am trying to take a maximum of one per meal and a perportional "sip" with snacks.

Again swallowing pills has never gone well so this being an openable capsle of powder has worked.

Oh the main differance between Pancreatin by twin lab (x4 strength) and most of the enzymes mentioned on this board are the amountvof lipase.

I know this doesn't confirm my CFMS or CF status but I have very mixed feelings....to leave limbo would be wonderful....it has been so many years of suspecting CF but never really knowing...I want to be right and wrong at the exact same time.

And while I am nervous about keeping the experiment going more then one week without the support of test results, a true understanding of risks, and a doctor who is on board....but unless this is more of a cleanout process....going back is unappealing...yet should be done.

Any thoughts folks?


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Ok, you are asking for feedback, so based upon your posts this is my take:

1) Panceatin is porcine (pig) pancreatic enzymes. While it is similar to Creon or other prescription enzymes, it is not the same. In addition, it is not regulated because it is considered a supplement and not medication and you can't be guaranteed what you are getting or that each capsule is even the same.

2) If you are opening the capsules you are likely getting very little into your intestines where they have to reach to work (see #2). The acid in your stomach will destroy most of the enzymes before they get to where they can help you. You have probably seen mention of people opening enzymes for kids...but prescription digestive enzymes are coated to make this possible. Without the enteric coating, you will lose most of the enzymes.

3) Enzymes will have little to no relation to sinus drainage or mucous. The purpose of enzymes is that when food arrives in the small intestines they further breakdown food due to a lack of enzymes being supplied by the pancrease. While enough mucous *might* make a difference to stomach contents and thus stools; taking enzymes won't have any affect on your sinuses or mucous levels.

4) Now assuming you are seeing changes in your stools, then you may very well be seeing signs you are pancreatic insufficient. This does not mean you do or don't have CF, Only that you need to be evaluated by a GI.

The only way to diagnose pancreatic insufficiency is to have a stool sample tested. While your trial might be enough to get a GI to agree to run the test, you need a physician to test your stool for the presence of fat and from there they will decide if you need enzymes.


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Tom is 100% correct, as far as he went. If you in fact have CF, you are playing with your lifespan. You need to go to an APPROVED CF CENTER and see a CF SPECIALIST.

Good luck,