EVERYBODY, i need serious help, please consider?



my name's megan. mt condition's deteriorating quickly and i'm admitted so i got fired from work.. i need money to pay for college for what my grants don't cover! you guys are my only hope! i could use a miracle. :( please <3 thank you guys, i love you all.



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Have you applied for Unemployment? How big is the company that you work for? (If it's over 50 you're protected by FMLA and they might have acted illegally by firing you).

What state are you in?

Here are some CF specific scholarships:
1. http://elizabethnashfoundation.org/
2. NINE different CF scholarships here: http://esiason.org/thriving-with-cf/scholarships.php

You can also apply for tuition waivers through most colleges (community and state)

And have you considered disability benefits?


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WOW!! So well said and the first response may include that miracle. Ok, what's really going on? Your immediate issue is recovery so just worry about that for now. Stuff you have no immediate resolution for or you can't control or change is beyond your control by definition so don't concern yourself. You aren't the first person w/responsibilities to get too sick to maintain all your obligations and unless you are up for income tax evasion, any responsible lender, vender or renter knows it is wise to maintain good relations with their customers. Your college loans, car loan and credit card debts or better said, people behind the scenes would like you to think they are doing you a favor by risking a loan. You are a valued customer and these fools should know if you are made worse by worry and hence your return to the rat race shouldn't be exacerbated. It is paramount to assure a profit by your speedy recovery. When you are up to it contact all the usual creditors and tell them your situation and don't promise anything you don't know for certain you can deliver. I suggest you tell them "assuming I survive this hospitalization and can return to the work environment, I will pick up where I left off" or such. Over committing can be dangerous as most vendor/creditors will try to lord your own words over you.

Stop beating yourself up, being sick is not within your control and doesn't make you a deadbeat. Look for resources normally available for situations like this. If your job included health insurance it normally is possible to carry that insurance for a year under a COBRA plan. Aflak insurance is a great general coverage insurance for your very situation. I have seen the company backdate policies for people suddenly disabled! Of course there is an unspoken agreement to carry that insurance for a good while. Even purchased in advance of the unforseen event Aflak or similar insurance is half way between health and disability insurance. For now in hospital ask to see a social worker. Talk turkey with this resource person as they really know what is available in the form of aid. Julie's post says a lot and every single suggestion of hers should be investigated to exhaustion. Disability insurances are all over the place. Just guessing, your State and Federal taxes aren't paid in to where you would get a whole lot of money, but don't delay for that reason. Unemployment compensation is sometimes straight forward but each time an employee goes on unemployment, the policy payment goes up for the employer. You might be looking at a hearing between you, Unemployment and a company representative. Unemploment insurance compensation typically pays more for a short term compared to Federal disability. You are paying unemployment/disability insurance in your monthly wage deductions and your employer matches some percentage close enough to even that you should feel ownership of these benefits. Being fired for absence is bad all around. Having spent twenty odd years as an employer, and nearly as many working for people and companies I can't seem to move both feet into either camp. But also common with employers who offer health insurance, they carry short term disability insurance for employees. Unless your employment situation is more complicated than excessive absences I would talk with them to see if they have any suggestions. You might glean whether you will encounter any issues applying for unemployment and to that end be cautious not to tip that hand. In my limited experience, an employer can take a simple claim of absenteeism as justified termination. Being bonafied sick is equal justification for receiving unemployment insurance benefit. Bonified sick fired employees generally have no problem with either unemployment or disability insurance approvals and if your employer carried disability insurance it will be a private policy and possibly be able to double down on income until you are on your feet. Just the fact that you are concerned about obligations says you are going to be fine. Nobody is going to reposess your Segue. Hang tight, you'll be alright! Feel Better Soon