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I have found that the BEST therapy I can do to keep my lungs clear is exercise - in particular - RUNNING!!!

I am 49 with CF and currently on a TX List but I continue to jog with a small oxygen tank...
I actually jog even when I am on home IV therapy and find that it clears out my lungs better. Also I feel running outdoors beats the heck out of running on a silly treadmill.

Check out my little video podcast!

<b>www.jerrycahill.com </b>episode #0029



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Hi Jerry,

I just posted to you in the other thread before this one. How are you feeling these days? How long have you been on the list? I hope you get your new lungs soon!


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HI Kelly

I am feeling pretty good!

Did you check out the podcasts yet?
There are lots of great interviews


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Hi Jerry, Yes I checked out your podcast last month which was why I wanted to know how you were doing. I have to start exercising with oxygen now, maybe next week the equipment will come. I was inspired by seeing that you run so much. That's great! I haven't checked out the other interviews yet, but I will.


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hey Kelly

doing well - increased my mileage to 3miles/day with oxygen - jogging is the best and great to do it outdoors so u can clear out the lungs!!!!!!


Regular exercise is good for our health.Exercise decrease risk of heart stroke , blood pressure etc.So Exercise is life.


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Exercise for accountants those who will find plausible reasons to exercise,to vegetate,or to continue debate.Better for having a great life, accountants.Allot of people believe exercise is a way of moving through the world; others think it's castor oil.Also trying to take your pick.

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Hi Jerry,
Running promotes muscular development, improves blood circulation system and boost immunity system. Running reduce cholesterol level, reduce high blood pressure and prevent from hypertension, obesity and diabetes.


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thanks for your video podcast, this is good for my health I will try it sometime


Hey Jakari,
Jogging and little exercise is really good for the health. It will never be harmful even it is beneficial for the body keep you fresh and active.


Are you on oxygen, or does it help you run? I've tried to take up running even when very well, but I just get too short of breath. I walk 4 miles 3 x week at 15 min miles with no problem.


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Yeah of course exercise is very important for the life.
It not only improve the physical fitness and body strength but also helpful to deal with a number of diseases specially blood pressure, stomach problems, heart diseases, and obesity.


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Since Jerry's original post in 2006, he has been transplanted with lungs, is still a vigorous runner and exerciser. I guess he is now 56 or 57. Not sure he has posted here in a few years. Out door running can be more exhilarating than an indoor treadmill.


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I am quite agree with your point of view that jogging and running are always best and most effective to clean out lungs. Some people run on treadmill but i think running outside is little better


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I was having problems reciting the dessert menu at my work because I am a food server. Its a long menu and reciting everyone quickly put me out of breath. I started running outside again because I couldn't handle feeling out of breath at work. One time running, the dessert menu was easy to recite and I wasn't out of breath. I am trying to run 3 times a week. I want to do more because the difference is night and day. It took my lung function to go down for me to notice what running can do for me. I also feel the boost in my immune system. My overall health feels better.


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I prefer to swimming . I think swimming is the best of all exercises. It helps to build all the muscles of your body , strengthen the breath also it is very pleasurable to do.