Going into hospital


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I am going into the hospital for a few days mainly to make sure I don't have an allergic reaction to the IV drugs meropenum and Collistin. I have been on IVs for over two weeks but they aren't working so I'm trying something else.

I have a major fear of hospitals so I never stay in. I have always done home IVs. The last time I was in was maybe 8 years ago and it went so badly they let me go early.

Does anyone have any advice about the hospital? Things to make sure they do, things for me to do? I am in an isolation room but am still very scared about bacteria I can pick up.



Since you're in isolation, (at least in my hospital) every person that comes in your room should have on a new gown, mask and gloves so make sure they're doing that.

As far as what you can do, I keep track of my own IV schedule. Things frequently get delayed for me when I'm in the hospital so I usually find myself having to remind my nurse to ask pharmacy to send my medicine up ASAP to stay on schedule as much as possible. I also always bring in my own enzymes so that if my nurse can't bring them to me when I'm ready to eat, I don't just sit there while my food gets cold.

It can definitely get boring and frustrating being stuck there at times, so bring whatever you can to entertain yourself. Laptop, magazines, visitors, whatever. But if you're only going in to make sure you don't have a reaction to the medicine, hopefully you won't be there too long. Feel better soon!


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I usually take my own pillow when I'm in the hospital, but each hospital has it's own policies and preocedures. I like to wash down things in my room with bacteria wipes when I arrive (door hadles, remotes, phone, bed buttons, etc.) and I wash my hands alot. There are germs everywhere so just use common sense when it comes to avoiding contact.


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i just got out of club med yesterday. i was there for two weeks. i just make sure i always wash my hands. i know all areas of a hospital are full of germs, but this time i was on the perinatal floor, so i wasn't as worried. i was on merapenum and tobra. i always bring my own pillow and blanket :)


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Real slippers! The last time I was in I was kicking myself because I forgot my slippers. I hate those stupid sock ones they give you because you have to touch them to get them on and off and I hate to think what germs are on hospital floors. I just be sure to bleach them in the washer or lysol the crap out them when I get home.


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Are there a lot of people that go into the hospital for the whole IV course? Is it because you want to or your doctor makes you?

my doctor had a big talk to me today because I want to leave tomorrow. I like doing home IVs and HATE the hospital. He said that since home IVs didn't work it might be time to switch to hospital IVs. Basically he said I am sick and need to accept being in the hospital. I am leaving tomorrow against his wishes.

Why do people like the hospital instead of home? I need to hear good things because I don't see any. I don't see how I can get better in the hospital with all the interruptions. I just need help:(


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If your doctor thinks you should stay you should try to stay. It is important. No one wants to be there, but it sounds like it may be in your best interest to get as well as possible. I do not have cf , but my son does. I know how difficult it is to be there. It's hard on my son who has autism and an anxiety disorder to be in especially when he doesn't want to be. I do my best to keep him occupied. I wish there was a way for it to go faster. Try having some friends visit to help time past. Are there any books you wish you had read! Maybe you could try that. I hope it gets better for you and your able to stay. Good luck


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I totally understand how you feel, I absolutely hated hospitals. But your doctor is right when it comes to the hospital IV's vs. the at home IV's, generally you do better in the hospital. I have been in the hospital more times then I can count and I have found that if you make your room (especially your isolation room) as homie as possible it will make you feel better. Bring your own pillow and slippers and blanket, things to entertain yourself like books, magazines, music you love to listen to, if you have a laptop bring that, and I'm sorry but I don't care how old you get you are never to old for coloring books, puzzle books and madlibs. Keep your mind busy or else you will drive yourself crazy thinking about the fact that you are in the hospital and you don't want to be. Make friends with your nurses and doctors, talk to them about everything and anything. Be good to yourself and above all else, DON'T JUST LAY IN BED!!! You will get sicker that way. Every couple of hours walk around your room for 10 minutes. You don't want your muscles to atrophy and get weaker, it will only slow your recovery. You will get through this, the CF life is hard but we are fighters and you are a fighter. Please PM me if you want to talk, maybe we can exchange numbers and I can text you back and forth to keep your mind busy. Sending you lots and lots of love and positive thoughts!!