hashimoto's thyroiditis


It was suggested that I had Hashimoto's thyoiditis a few years ago (4 years). No ultrasound, blood done work off and on.

I went to get a physical and they found that my thyroid is quite enlarged... throat feels full and causing coughing. I am "finally" scheduled to have my thyroid ultrasounded next week. All my blood work comes back normal so that has been the extent of their "doctoring". I am mad....

I am looking at needing a biopsy and possible removal because the doctors took so long to figure this out. I gained 25 lbs likely due to my thyroid and now I am working super hard to get rid of it.

I am starting to wonder if some of the health issues I have dealt with over the past 4 hours could been avoided if the docs would have taken my thyroid more serious 4 years ago. Have done some reading and found that some of the meds they had me on cause thyroid issues.

Anyone else have Hashimoto's thyroiditis?? Did you have to have your thyroid removed??


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No but I did have Hyperparathroidism and I had one (of four) parathyroids removed. Very simple surgery and easy recovery.



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I have Hashimotos and still have my thyroid. Was diagnosed at 29 and now 45. Hashimotos is autoimmune disease and not "caused" by medications - though some meds, foods, etc can cause flare up of the symptoms. How do they know you have Hashimotos ?? It takes special bloodwork (autoimmune antibody testing) to diagnose.
Do you actually have hashimoto diagnosed or were they just working you up for it? I had an enlarged thyroid that they "watched" for over 6 years. 4 endocrinologists later I had it removed. It was causing lots of pressure, coughing, ect. IT SUCKED! I had it removed 3 years ago. I felt so much pressure relief after it was removed. It turns out mine was 10 times the normal size. I did have some discomfort afterwards just because it was so big and a lot of muscle involved. My only regret was not doing it sooner.

My my question for you is what meds bother the thyroid?


As I said earlier... I have not gotten a final diagnosis yet... they are just suspecting Hashimoto at this time. No, the medication didn't cause it but may have aggravated (flared up) things. Thyroid is large enough for them to be scrambling. The normal blood work (so far) has my doc puzzled. Hopefully we will know more this coming week.
My blood work was normal for many years. It only started to rise near the end. With that being said my doctors who worked in two highly respectable places had no idea why it was enlarged, what caused it. One doctor told me it was my post nasal drip not my thyroid making me cough. I would see things online about the trachea being deviated from a large thyroid, doctors said no. Besides blood work they wouldn't do any more testing. I had one say yes I want to take it out then on the next appt said maybe not let's wait and see. Wait for what? Then that doctor only saw inpatients, now it sucks to be you go see someone else. Once again no answers. Finally I went to a 4th doctor who did an ultra sound on the first visit. A couple years later I had it removed and just before surgery I found it was so big it did deviate my trachea. Any questions about getting it removed just ask.


Cheerfulpuppies, THANK YOU!!!! That is what I need to hear.... someone else's experiences. They have said post nasal drip for me, too.... or acid reflux. Now since my doc showed me the enlargement... that explains the constant "lump" in my throat that have been frustrated with.

I am hoping my doctors are aggressive (I go to a teaching hospital). I am hoping we caught it in time.
Yes, keep up on them. I was super scared to have mine out. I am notorious for forgetting to take my enzymes when I am busy or stressed. The synthroid is everyday when you first get up with water on an empty stomach. My husband an I worked out a good routine though. I have a separate pill box just for my synthroid so I will know if I missed a day or not. I also keep either a glass of water, small water bottle, or a little carafe of water by my bedside so I don't even have to get up to take my pill. Everynow and then when we sleep in my husband will just tell me to take my pill and we go back to sleep.

My biggest fear was the surgery though. I can say I did much better than I expected. I actually felt pretty good when I left the hospital the next morning. I did have some discomfort, I think because it was so big more muscles were involved but that got better with time. I work in the post op area and some patients just have a little soreness after the surgery.


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Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that is caused by a leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability). As with all autoimmune diseases, the solution is to heal the lining of the intestines and restore the populations of beneficial gut flora. This is done through the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol, developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. If you are also suffering from any GI issues or reflux, this is further evidence of leaky gut issues. Google the GAPS diet or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and I suggest you read her book, "Gut and Psychology Syndrome". Studies have also shown that eating fermented foods and taking probiotic supplements can successfully treat and prevent autoimmune diseases.


I have it. Have had it for 25 years. Origin is unknown. I recently removed fluoride from my drinking water. It is a toxin and kills T4 cells. Aspartame kills them too! Prozac does too because it is made from fluoride. I now brush my teeth with baking soda. If you can help it, I'd change all of this first before they remove it. Don't eat spinach. Interferes with thyroid


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I wonder how common a secondary medical problem is missed with CF patients. A neglected thyroid issue almost defines thyroid diseases. So many people are already chronic by the time these problems are caught and the cellular changes throughout the body are hard if impossible to reverse once medication begins. You may be adding some aspiration and the infections like pneumonia related to aspiration if a goiter is distorting your throat, which it sounds like. Once aspiration or swallowing dysfunction starts, you can get it from every source ranging from aspirating sinus drainage to your yogurt as it goes down and if it sneaks back up during sleep.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis was not on my radar and had to study up on it. This is something that could easily be tested for but never be diagnosed. It could stand in for CF in certain presentations and probably hold up as a murder defense considering the mental issues it can precipitate or mimic. I am checking with my doctor’s office to see if one of my recent blood tests rules out HT.



Little Lab... I am have been wondering the very same thing. They diagnosed me with a vocal cord dysfunction about the same time the enlarge thyroid popped up 4 years ago. I have had no luck treating the vocal cord dysfunction. We have also had no luck treating my acid reflux. I am starting to think these problems are coming from the enlarge thyroid (goiter).

The mental issues with the enlarge thyroid have been exhausted. The depression, fuzzy thinking, the almost constant body pain (will drive a person to do crazy things all on it's own), as well as the touches of anxiety.

Some days the thyroid feels huge and makes it hard to swallow and other days I can eat or swallow with no problem. Super frustrating!!! My neck is huge and it is hard to deal with as a girl... I look like a football player. :(