Headaches and Muscle Cramps


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Possible Causes & Solutions Headaches and Muscle Cramps

Many CF warriors experience chronic headaches. I have not yet heard from any doctors a clear and reasonable explanation as to why we have the headaches. My suspicion is that CF is not directly the cause of the headaches, but all the stuff we do and go through as a result of CF can point to several culprits. All I can contribute to this issue is my own experience.

I have gone through periods of time with continuous headaches (if I don’t medicate the headache) and periods of time with absolutely no headaches. By the process of elimination, I have come to some conclusions.

Due to CF causing a rapid depletion of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in our bodies, we have to supplement. For that reason and to feed my bones, I was on high doses of vitamin D and calcium. After some research, I found out that you can indeed overdose on vitamin D. And now they are saying for us to take the D but not calcium. The convention wisdom changes with the wind. Anyway, after completely quitting the D and calcium (I even quit the AquaDEK for a few months), the headaches almost went away after a week.

“But WAIT, there’s MORE!” as the infomercials say.

Several years ago, I was studying the problem of excess candida (yeast) in our bodies and the problems attributable to out-of-control candida. How many of you know that antibiotics kills the natural and good/healthy bacteria in our bodies. One of the functions of that bacteria is to keep the candida levels in check. When you kill of the bacteria, the candida runs amok.

Some of the symptoms of excess candida:
itching all over and even skin rashes
allergies develop or get worse
digestive problems
lung infection

After I did a candida detox, all my allergies went away, my digestion improved, my lungs became more clear, and the HEADACHES went away.

“But WAIT, One more!”

Food allergies can cause headaches. Whether it’s really allergies or some level of intolerance, the food we eat can cause many symptoms, including headaches. For the past year, I have had way too many headaches. Tramadol relieves the headaches, but interferes with my sleep. Ibuprofen allows me to sleep, but drains my body of electrolytes. To counteract that problem, I drink water with lemon juice and sea salt, and take magnesium and potassium at night. It is a balancing act, but most nights I can avoid the cramps, headaches, and get some good sleep. But back to my main point on this one.

A few weeks ago, I did a complete fast (only drank water and coffee) for 3 days. (I am not suggesting anyone do the fast!!!!!!) But without any medication, the headaches completely went away, and get this: by the third day, my energy level was up. As I reintroduced food to my daily routine, the headaches came back. Now I am trying to mix things up to see which food(s) is/are causing the headaches. I suspect grains and gluten the most. They do cause inflammation, so I am slowly trying to change my diet to seriously reduce grains and gluten. Being Sicilian, I really love my gluten. What’s life without gluten!!!!???? I also take most of my vitamins/minerals in the morning and none at night (except for magnesium and potassium). Taking too much at night will interfere with sleep. I also think it may time for another candida detox.

I have covered a lot of information here, but my main point is that you have to try some things, do you research, and learn what works for your body. The medical doctors are not always helpful in these things, and the nutrition advice I have gotten from every CF clinic is some of the worst advice I have heard.

They obsess with consuming calories. You want 20,000 calories a day. Eat 4 cases of twinkles and wash them down with martinis. Lots of calories and also a race to destroy your liver, heart, and pancreas and cause diabetes. Better yet, deep-fry the twinkles. Yum, Yum.

I am more concerned with my nutrition intake than with calories. Eat lots of protein, and eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Get rid of the junk food. If I stuff my self all day with chicken, fish, carrots, tomatoes, celery, apples, oranges, berries, nuts, protein powder shakes, bananas, and get few calories, I will be in much better shape than someone who is packing on the junk food, cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc just to get calories. My body will have the raw materials it needs to stay healthier and fight infection. The number of calories is irrelevant to me. I try to minimize or avoid high fructose corn syrup or any corn syrup and processed sugar. That stuff is pure poison and its all genetically modified.

There are many causes to the headaches, and those causes can change over time. My own experience is probably just the tip of the iceberg on headache causes, but I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice, but merely sharing what has worked for me. Do your own research and make your own decision.