Healthiest places to live in US with good doctor?


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Has anyone done any research to find out the best place for a cf patient to live? I'm currently in GA but my husband and I would like to move out of state. Somewhere with weather better for someone with cf as well as a very good cf specialist.


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I too am looking for somewhere to relocate. I currently live at 6,200 ft and need to be at a lower elevation so I can take my oxygen off. I prefer the west, but out of the Rocky Mountains. I prefer small town but a good hospital fairly close by. Thin mint, I'm not familiar with the East but thre are wonderful places in Colorado (national Jewish hospital) Idaho, Montana, Utah, depending what you are looking for.


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also relocating

we are relocating to Texas from Illinois. We got to UW Children's hospital in Madison, WI and have received excellent care for my son. My oldest lives in the Odessa, TX area and we want to be closer to him and our grandbaby. My CFer is 10. Odessa is an oil town and I am a bit concerned about the smell getting to him but when we have visited there seems to be less pollution and irritants in the air then Illinois. Any ideas on good places to live in Texas?


I know this is going to sound crazy but for someone with CF it's a good place to be. I live in Ohio about 45 mins from Cleveland. It's a great place to be. All the CF clinic's are amazing and The Cleveland Clinic is the top transplant hospital in the country. A lot of the doctors that I've seen over the years have ended up there and still have a great relationship with the doctors at their old CF clinic's. It's nice because you always have a familiar face. The snow and our sports teams suck, but I know I'm near the best of the best when it comes to my heath.


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I used to live in Montana. I currently live in Wyoming but I travel back to Montana for cf clinic. I would say Montana is every clean place not to bad with elevation 3500ft or so. I highly recommend it to anyone with cf.