Inhaled Tobi vs. Tobramycin


Hi everyone!
My insurance recently made me switch from Tobi brand Tobramycin to generic Tobramycin (both inhaled).
During the last few Tobramycin months (cycled with Cayston) I have started to feel achy and have a drier, more persistent cough than I remember while being on Tobi brand. I am also doing the Tobramycin in the eRapid. I should keep a symptom journal, but realistically I don't. Has anyone else felt like this if they had to make a switch?


Ask the Dr to mark your perscription for TOBI as 'medically necessary' 'dispense as written'. The insurance company and state laws allow for the substitution of drugs for generics if they don't mark it as dispense as written. i've found the generic tobramycin, depending on the manufacturer, to be cloudy and discolored compared to TOBI.