Moving to Florida from the Rockies, Need Advice.


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TheSaltyOne - we had the same experience; they would put her in to get her on IV meds and stable oxygen wise then send us home to do IV meds. The reason was the same - the longer you stay in the hospital the more likely you are to get additional infections. In fact, that happened to us a few years ago. She went in for an exacerbation and caught pneumonia so I fully understand. As long as there aren't too many meds and I could get some sleep I was always ok with her going home. Now that she is older and does the meds herself (unless they are in the middle of the night and she wants Mom to do it) she has said the same thing - she doesn't feel well enough to do the meds herself sometimes. She was just in St. Joseph's hospital and they kept her 5 days until her breathing stabilized then sent her home on oral! We were really anxious that she would rebound right back but went to the pediatrician last Thursday and he said the meds were working :D I am glad you have had a good experience with the adult end and we will begin our research on the adult dr's next year.

mommy w/ cf

mommy w/ cf since you are familiar with Tampa hospital. What do they do for admitting patients? Luckily I haven't been admitted yet but I have to get sinus surgery in a couple weeks and they want to put a picc line in and do home IVs for 2 weeks to get me "ready" for the surgery. So my question is.. do they normally not admit cf patients? Also, is there a specific wing or floor that cf patients go on? How is the food when you are an inpatient? Are the nurses all knowledgable on cf patients?

We were wondering this in case I get sick again. We weren't fond of our docs methods back in Missouri but we loved the CF "feel" that they provided when at the hospital. It was the same nurses each time you are admitted, food was great, a separate wing for cf patients, etc.

sorry it took me so long to see this post!
im afraid I'm not going to be able to be much help with this one.
i do not know their standard procedures for admitting patients, as I had only been admitted once in my life at that point, and it was while I was still with the pediatric program in Florida there.

now i am living in Washington state and the cf team in Seattle doesn't like to admit people unless absolutely necessary. Typically it is home care with a PICC line, and it sounds like florida might have the same ideals.

i hope someone else might be able to answer this question for you! So sorry I am not able to!
i wish you the best! :)