New Questionnaire for our APP development. . What do you think is Valuable?


We continue with a new Questionnaire. This one is to dig deeper into finding out what our community thinks is valuable in a new app!

So far, 118 people have taken it. (It was sent out originally to all those who took the first survey.)

Participant #25 and #50 each received a $25.00 gift card. Participant #25 is a patient in the US who is interested in genomics for future trials.
Participant #50 is a caregiver whose main concern is tracking nutrition and weight goals for his children.

We are offering $25.00 gift cards to participant #125 and #150.

Please join us as we continue to explore this exciting project...and APP designed by and for our whole community!

Salt and Light


New member
having it actually work would be a great start, I have downloaded it twice and it just never worked and from what I have read I am not the only one who had this problem


Hi Luna thanks for responding, but we are just beginning our work to create a customized app for cystic fibrosis. Nothing is available yet.
what is the name of the app to which you are referring?
salt and light,