r there any boys on this message board?


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I would like to talk to someone. i always talk to girls with cf. i thought it would be different to talk to a boy with cf to see if they have different opinions on things or whatever. let me know how old you are.


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hey i like to think my self as more of a man! haha
i am 19 with cf, if u wan to chat send me an e mial, il gladly chat! speak soon x



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yeah i should have said men to. haha. sorry. i would love to chat. i have email and instant messaging. they r both in my profile.


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i just found this website and find it pretty interesting that theres actually people with cf like me interacting. I'll answer any quesitons you have...actually i have some myself.. my name is Mike im 21 my email is stocksnblondes13@yahoo.com


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don't know if my email or aim r in my profile prolly not so my email is thadmy@yahoo.com and my aim is pittsburgegoalie

18 and i am a guy so if u want ot chat let me know