SSI question


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I was told by my childrens doctor that I should apply for SSI. We were denied several times a few years back, they say that although the children have a serious illness, they are not sick enough to be considered disabled. (Thankfully they are pretty healthy). An attorney suggested not going through a hearing and all of that because it doesn't impact their daily lif enough to be considered disabling. They both go to school, do sports on weekends, etc. The amount of time spent doing medicines or missing school sick or in the hospital is apparently not enough.

In any case, since that time, DS has also been diagnosed with ADHD and takes medication for it. He extra help in school. DD was recently diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency due to the high dose of flovent she was on for so long, she has what they call a large asthma component to her CF. So she takes medication for this now, along with blood sugar checks. (We had a very scary incident where she wouldnt wake up and was unresponsive and started seizing).

My question is would you apply again, since they both now have 2 diagnoses. The attorney we spoke to last time mentioned something about being more likely to be approved if there is more than one issue.


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It can't hurt to apply, right?

I'm 25 and applied a few days ago. Although I am in good health, it has declined this year with my first hospitalization this March. I have CFRD and struggled with depression, anxiety, and ADHD while working a full-time job. I am anxiously awaiting to hear what they will say.

I'd like to hear what others' experiences are.


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Well, my son was just approved for SSI. I am not sure if states are different, but here in Texas they consider CF as a disability. He was also put on a type of Medicaid that is better than traditional because no matter how many hospital visits, or hospital stays we have it will always be covered. He does receive benefits based on my income, it isn't a lot, but it will help for those visits when we have to pay for parking and food. I would call your social worker, they have loop wholes, it does help to have the extra help!


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Have you looked into SCHIP or CHIP programs in you state? Another good resource is your congressional representative. Their office has a mandate to look into and help with your case or advocate if need be; their website should have their info on how to contact their office for help, it may be hidden under help with veterans/ federal benefits or be a small print at the bottom of the page that says something along the lines of help with federal benefits (depending on their political leanings and rhetoric about welfare).
If your CF center has a social worker they would defiantly be a good person to go to for help navigating the system or for a referral to someone who can help you.
I got help from my insurance company of all places. Call yours and see if they have a disability coordinator. Mine contacted me and helped sort through the process. And it was free! The cash benefit is hardly worth mentioning, but the medicaid coverage is a life saver.