Will Mucinex help a CF cold?


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I know (or at least I've been told by my doctors) that Mucinex doesn't really do much to thin the normal mucus secretions of CF patients, but I'm wondering - has anyone found Mucinex to be helpful with clearing the extra mucus gunk caused by a cold? Or is all the extra mucus the same make-up as our normal secretions and so this kind of expectorant still won't work?

I'd love to hear any anecdotal stories you guys have. I'm at the tail-end of a cold and hoping/praying/desperate to keep it from turning in a lingering chest infection that requires IVs or a hospital stay...


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Mucinex stimulates mucus production. If the only mucus a CFer produces is thickened, why bother? There is another medicine, I can't remember the name, more suited for a CFer, so next time you talk about getting mucus flowing, ask your doctor about another medicine. In the meantime I will dig through my reference sources.

I haven't had a really bad cold in twenty years, maybe more. A really snot locker blocking up miserable cold is horrendous, I refuse to have them. I get desperate in a hurry when I do get one. I'm taking two or more cold medicines, Mucinex and the whole lot. If you need to clean out mucus in the head, take it if it helps, I believe that it does push dried mucus off the mucosa. In the chest and you are going to need advice from someone besides me. My lungs aren't CF lungs, although other aspects of CF have damaged them substantially. Head infections and aspiration of stomach contents have taken a toll. But Mucinex isn't likely to help my chest or yours.

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Before my transplant I never even heard of Mucinex, after transplant my PA recommended it from time to time for congestion.

I can't imagine an over the counter drug being effective for a CF'er.

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I was diagnosed 10 years ago, before I was diagnosed I took Mucinex all the time, one of the first things my doctors told me is don't take Mucinex it doesn't work for us, and don't use cough drops because my doctor wants me to cough. Not sure what your taking but I would suggest extra saline and pulmozyme to help clear you up, at least thats what I would do, hope this helps