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    I was treated like a freak

    So regulations apparently say that I must wear a mask in the cf clinic and anyone who's in contact with me must wear a full gown, mask, and gloves. Like I have the worlds first zombie plague lol its actually very depressing. Anyone else feel the same way? New regulations btw
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    Medical Marijuana

    I told my cf doctors I use it, and they seem... Disappointed. i don't smoke it. I vaporise it or I eat it through food. Whats your thoughts and opinions about it? After they found out they even began to treat me differently. It's depressing
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    Explain how my PFTs went from 111% last month to 94% today

    I'm sad and confused. How does this happen?? Last time I got my PFT was from my general doctor using some fancy handheld one I got 111% , and now at my CF clinic with their bulky computer and special nose plug and what not I scored 94%. It's depressing and confusing. explaon this to me please...
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    Which is easier: Gaining Muscle or Losing fat?

    Building muscle isn't any more difficult in comparison to a normal person? i feel since i have cf its a lot harder for me to gain muscle than someone else who's normal without cf.
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    Is it normal to cough up mucous while casually working out and doing treatments?

    Cause I've seen that a lot of CFers do that, but I don't. I don't cough up anything. why is that? My pft is 111% btw
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    Which is easier: Gaining Muscle or Losing fat?

    which is easier for those who have CF?
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    Is muscle building different for me because i have cf?

    So I really feel that its different for me... some how. Its harder for me to make muscular gains. I eat a ton of calories (well, I sorta THINK I do lol), I workout 4-5x a week lifting weights. i've been weighing myself every few days, and it ends up i haven't gained any weight which is a...
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    Do those with CF have difficulty digesting protein?

    Wats DS? Also, my Drs want me taking 3 24KU with meals and 2 with snacks. That's what it says but I'm constantly seeing how my body reacts. Like I have a mass gainer shake I drink daily. So I'll take 3 pills with a 800 calorie milk based shake (powder then milk) and I can also eat a full 20 G...
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    Do those with CF have difficulty digesting protein?

    I have cf and wondered this, do i have a hard time digesting protein AND fat or just fat? f
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    How much of your depression/anxiety is caused by CF?

    So its common in those with CF. If you have those issues, how much is caused by CF? I think 50% of it is caused by CF indirectly. For example, I would be able to gain muscle easier, I wouldn't have been late entering puberty in MS/HS, I wouldn't be using the bathroom so much and I would probably...
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    I smoked cigs and marijuana, how will this effect my lungs?

    So I haven't seen my CF doctors in a full year (a little longer actually). And in that year, a lot happened. About a year ago (a little less), I went through a phase where I smoked cigs. I smoked about a pack every 1-2 weeks, or around 2-3 cigs a day. I know it was stupid. I also smoked...
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    Will my insurance try to drop me if I try to get Kalydeco?

    So first off, would I benefit from it? I have two Delta F508 mutations. Would my insurance hate me for life and try to drop me if I asked for it and my doctor agreed? Who should I ask, my general doctor or my pulmonologist? Last time I had an FEV of 106%, I just got lung X-rays and they...
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    I want disability benefits from my employer... NOW!

    So I have stayed quiet long enough about having CF. My employer has taken advantage of me, so now, its my turn to get what I deserve. But how do I go about doing this? I was reading on the website about CF in the workplace, and how employers MUST accommodate those with disabilities, IE...
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    Does breathing with your nose vs mouth strengthen lungs?

    Ill ways breathe with my mouth. But they say you should breath in through your nose and exhale through mouth. Why is that and does that lead to stronger lungs ?
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    Exercising with my elevation mask

    Will it make my lungs even stronger if I use the elleptical and the elevation mask I have?