Is muscle building different for me because i have cf?


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So I really feel that its different for me... some how. Its harder for me to make muscular gains.

I eat a ton of calories (well, I sorta THINK I do lol), I workout 4-5x a week lifting weights. i've been weighing myself every few days, and it ends up i haven't gained any weight which is a really good sign that someone is building muscle

so do those with cf build muscle differently?


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I also work out 4 to 5x a week too. It was hard at first but I got my calorie macros (fats/carbs/proteins) figured out. Too often nutritionist tell cf people to get whatever calories they can get. CF patients build muscle the same as everyone else, but it's harder with our CF absorption issues. Even though your getting a lot of calories, what are the breakdown of the calories? You have to have a lot of protein at least .25 grams per pound of body weight per meal, because the body can only absorb that much at a given time, and MCT (medium chain triglyceride)fats (coconut oil, olive oil) because they are the easiest fats to digest, but try not to eat a lot of saturated fat. It's better to cook at home versus prepared food because you know what your cooking and you're not getting all the fast food saturated fats. I use the MyFitnessPal app so I know how much calories I'm eating. I hope this helps, ask me if you want clarification on anything. [/COLOR]


I think you've said in the past that you were going to get your testosterone checked out. Did you do that?

With your above average lung function and normal BMI (info you've given in other threads), you should be all set to gain muscle normally. But "normal" is a range. Some people simply gain muscle definition easier than others.

If go to a gym, can you borrow the body fat percentage checking machine thingy? Maybe you can check this number once a month to see how you are progressing. Weight gain is an indicator of muscle gain but not the only one or an absolute rule. When I started rock climbing, I got a lot of upper body definition and no weight change.