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    mucus clearing in throat/trachea? Tips anyone?

    Humming - a song or "ooommm" acts as a vibration and helps to break up mucus bonds. Papain and bromelain are proteolytic enzymes that also help. Green tea - with or without caffeine with lemon helps activate cilia, and of course enough water. Clear.ease is a combination of papain and bromelain...
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    Anyone using alternatives to the vest in young kids?

    Ethan 508 suggestion of jumping on the trampoline is a great idea! Also jump rope and jumping jacks. Humming at a very low tone, like "ooommm" also helps break up thick mucus bonds in the chest as well as the sinuses. see
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    Help with Sinuses. Recommendations needed to break up sinus junk!

    In my post I stated Plenty of water. I should have said drink plenty of water. Re pressure. If pressure is too high you may force bacteria into your sinuses or into your olfactory channels like those people in Louisiana that got the brain amoeba. The Hydro Pulse Pulsatile Nasal/Sinus Irrigator...
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    Help with Sinuses. Recommendations needed to break up sinus junk!

    Sinus problem: first of all what is your concentration of salt? Should be 1% for example one tsp of salt to 500 ml - approx 16 ounces of water. If you are using hypertonic solution that can make your specific condition worse, by thickening the mucus, and absorbing extra salt. Ask your doctor...
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    Can people with CF get tattoos?

    The incidence of infection caused by tattoo given in recognized "legitimate" places is 10%. With CF that can be a problem. Removing a tattoo once you have changed your mind is a nightmare. You try a car before you buy. Why not try removable ones first for a while. As pointed out here, styles...
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    Advice please-girlfriend with CF

    If you are seeking the absolute perfect girl, then get a robot. In life you will always find some sort of imperfection: believe me, the nut cases, the emotionally impaired are the worst for a relationship - and yet ... That is what people in love do: they work together to help each other have...
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    sinus problems - did anything help?

    To Dank: The primary problem is the thickness of the mucus that blocks good drainage. Try vibration. Vibration - humming - can help break the thick mucus. The lower the frequency the better. If you place your fingers along side your nose you can feel that vibration. The more you do this the...
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    sinus problems - did anything help?

    To Autumn 34: Pulsatile irrigation with Tobramycin was developed by Terrance Davidson head of ENT at San Diego esp for CF. The reason this is so effective is that the pulsing steady stream is ideal for removing the sinus contents and instilling the medication. Dr Davidson showed CT scans...
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    Help with Sinuses. Recommendations needed to break up sinus junk!

    It is quite important what you rinse your nose with: the goal is to restore nasal cilia. When the cilia work well, they pulse to remove material from the nose and sinuses. Pulsing irrigation has the advantage of actually massaging nasal tissues in order to reduce swelling and remove stale lymph...
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    Christmas cough

    Green tea with lemon and honey often helps. Even a teaspoon of honey helps cough. Humming is good because it stimulates the bronchial cilia. Best way to cause a cough is to remain in wet clothes from the cold. If cough is from bacteria dripping from the sinuses, adding three teaspoons of...
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    to rubyroselee: CT showing sinusitis with normal cbc is common. Remember the problem is inactive/slowing of the nasal cilia allows build up of sinus bacteria. Are you near the U of C San Diego? They have pioneered adding medications to restore cilia and lower bacteria count. . For example...
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    Ideas for new cf product development?

    Whatever vibrates the air passages helps to break up the thick pllegm and improve movement of cilia. It is the cilia that move bacteria out fo teh bronchi and when they are impaired the bacteria remain in place. Humming helps. suggest a device that vibrates the inhaled air. Ideally ther rate of...
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    Anybody master quieting your cough?

    Normally cilia move bacteria and phlegm out of the chest; when cilia fail, then cough takes over. To get the cilia moving Try humming. Best is low tone like "ooommmm' Lemon and lime help as does green tea. Hope this helps.
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    Thoughts/Advice on the "Drill Out" (Draf 3) sinus surgery?

    Dear Salty one: Sorry about your sinus issue. Some of my CF patients have been able to avoid sinus surgery by using Hydro Pulse pulsatile irrgation with Xylitol added. to the solution. If your doctor will write a prescribption for you and send it to me, I wouuld be pleased to send you a Hydro...
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    ears ringing

    If your tinnitus is bothering you, often outside music helps to distract from the sound. Since you are using a hearing aid, the newer hearing aids have masking devices that may reduce tinnitus symptoms.