2 little CF warriors

Debbie Barnett

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I have a three-year-old and a three-month-old boys both on with cystic fibrosis. It is so hard because all my older son wants to do is Love and hug on his brother he doesn't understand that I can't allow him to do that because of fear of him spreading germs :( it breaks my heart. Has anyone else been through this? What advice can you give me?


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You need to have a discussion with your sons CF Team. Don't wait, make a phone call. There is no reason to keep them apart.



That is so sad. I have a five year old grandson and we have another baby due later this year. Just hoping for no cf this time.


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Ditto, talk to your clinic. And unfortunately, toddlers are little germ machines -- any toddler. They're always touching things, putting things in their mouths, don't know how to wipe their noses yet or wash hands... This is one of the reasons we chose a daycare center rather than an in home daycare when ds was a baby because the center we chose kept the babies separate from the germy toddlers. Plus they worked with all the kids to remind them to wash hands, not touch each other's faces...

I have friends who discovered their 3 year old had cf when their other child was diagnosed at birth via newborn screening. They're in elementary school, very close and I don't believe they share the same cf bugs.

I think, too the novelty of having a baby around will probably wear off. When my godson, was born, his sister was 3 and the same way. Now that he's 2 she pretty much ignores him unless she's busy shoving or tormenting him. :)


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I have 2 children with CF, ages 12 and 10, we do not keep them separated such as hugging or playing together, etc. We try to be very careful with not sharing drinks, utensils, keep their nebs separate, but overall we allow them to be "normal" kids :) I would definitely recommend discussing that more with your CF team.


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I have 3 kids with CF. They are older, and they were older when we got the diagnosis, but it doesn't sound healthy to be crazy about keeping them apart. Definitely, consult with your CF team and other parents.