CF and natural options... ???


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Please understand that cf is not cureable but some supplements can reduce ur problem
They are

1)Iron .
most cf are iron deficient
iron deficient ppl produce more cough(watery white cough)

protein ..whey isolate improve ur health .by improving glutathione level
protein also imp for fighting infection

3 Glutathione .it can improve ur life..bost it by whey isoltes ,eating raw fruits

Vita a ,d ,e, k,

d is imp ..without d , spinne will bend in later lyf

learn from physio to straighten ur back it or one will lean forward

Diet ..doc says eat 4 times
So take a balaned 2 eggs
a glss of milk.. along with ur routine meal

Get iron checked ..+ have whey helped me will help u too



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I have spent a fortune on different supplemental treatments prescribed by a naturopathe, who also happenned to be an MD, which kind of made me more confident. And the result: zero! Having said that, i do believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle are very important - whether you have CF or not