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  • Hi susied, we suggest you create a thread with your question so more people will see it. Go to Forum, choose a category and there you will find a button for starting a new thread.
    Also, last week doctor heard wheezing in her right lung and gave her an inhaler and some penicillin for a "sinus infection".
    My daughter is 9 years old. When she was born she experienced "respiratory distress" and stayed in the NICU for three days until her breathing normalized. She had a very healthy toddlerhood through age 7...when she started having terrible year round allergies (not food).
    She has been on every allergy medication and nasal spray. Nothing has worked for her. ENT examined her and was VERY surprised to see nasal polyps which were moderate to severe in size. He recommended we get a sweat test for CF b/c polyps are extremely rare in children under the age of 10 (unless you are a child with CF). She snores, is constantly dizzy, complains of headaches, she can't breathe, breathes out of her mouth, etc. Her stools are very dense and look like a bunch of small balls clumped together. Any thoughts are appreciated!
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