20 weeks, PFT down


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Im 20 weeks pregnant, I was sick for the past few weeks with a cold, no meds taken. cold is gone but still SOB and just had my PFT's im down from 83 to 75, my lungs sounds clear, is this normal for CF and pregnancy??


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Congratulations on your pregnancy, but I’m sorry for your worry about your health. It’s been awhile since I’ve been through this as my youngest is 13 years old, but I do remember that I had a decrease in PFTs and increase in symptoms with my second pregnancy. I ended up on a course of IVs in my second trimester, I think around the 4th-5th month. I remember being so worried about the effects of the antibiotics on the baby, but the benefits outweighed the risks. My daughter is fine, without any negative effects from any of my meds.
Not sure if antibiotics would be the answer for you if you’re not having an increase in other symptoms. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby can start pressing up on your diaphragm and decreasing your lung capacity, so maybe that’s what’s going on. I had extra amniotic fluid with second pregnancy, so I always measured larger than expected and was much more SOB with my second pregnancy than my first. SOB immediately resolved with delivery.

There is a Facebook group for “CF Mummies” that is a private group that you might be interested in joining. You’ll probably get a lot of feedback there. I’m not on Facebook, so I’m not a member of the group but have heard positive things about it. I’ll PM another member of this forum to provide the link. Hopefully it’s still an active group. I’ll post if I find it out.

Best of luck to you.


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Here’s the response from someone that is on FB CF Mummies group:

“I dont have a link to the group but she´ll have to search for "Cystic Fibrosis mummies" on facebook. Once on the page she´ll have to ask to join the group which is secret and explain that she has cf herself and is a mother to be. If that doesn´t work I can ask the admins to add her, if I know her facebook name.”

Here’s the website that they originally established. The forums are no longer active because they moved to facebook, but the site contains lots of great information and stories about infertility and motherhood with CF.


Let me know if you have any problems finding the FB page.
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Since the Facebook group is set to secret it will not show up if you search for it. Feel free to private message me here and we can work out adding you to the FB group! It's an amazing wealth of information and support.

I just had my baby 5 weeks ago and had major issues with shortness of breath and a drop in PFTs in my last few weeks of pregnancy. I ended up scheduling an induction for 38 weeks but went into labor on my own the morning I was scheduled for!
i had a drop in PFTs with no other symptoms about halfway through the pregnancy so my CF doc and I attributed it to baby growing and hormones. The hormones can have a significant affect on your breathing som could just be from those.