3 children, 1 with CF. Risk to child with CF if I have more?


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Hello everyone,

I had my 3rd child on the 20th August this year and she was admitted to hospital the following day due to a bowel blockage, 7 days later we recieved the devasting news that she has CF. Me and my partner were not even aware we were carriers so this came as a huge shock. Life doesn't feel real right now and I am struggling to get through each day.

I feel so mentally weak at the moment and I really want my daughter to be strong when facing CF, how can I try to make sure I don't make her as scared of CF as I am?

This diagnosis has also considered me to consider the future. I have always wanted four children, so I would like to have one more, not any time soon but I would like to mentally get my head around the changes in life I am faced with.

I am aware that people with CF cannot be around others with CF due to the harmful bacteria, my question is would I be putting my daughter with CF at risk if I have another child which then has CF. I want to give my daughter the chance to be a big sister and I don't see why CF should stop that, unless it would cause my daughter harm. It obviously terrifies me that I would have to go through this again but if I had to chose not having my daughter or having her with CF then I'd chose her with CF everytime, she's definitely worth the pain I'm experiencing in my heart right now, she's amazing.

I'm absolutely petrified of the journey ahead so if you have any words of advice they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Shelley xx


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There are many people in the cf community who have more than one child wcf. We always intended to have 2 kids, but due to our age and dealing with medications, cpt and news 3-4 times a day, we opted to not have any more. The issue of cross contamination has been discussed here with adults wcf and siblings or other cousins, uncles who have cultured capacity or Mesa. In those cases, a lot of times they met outdoors for family events. As far as siblings in the same house, I have friends whose kids don't share drinks, but still vest and neb in the same room and haven't had issues.

I guess imo I'd revisit this topic in a year or so, after you get used to having one child wcf.