70 Yr. Old Double Lung Transplant Done


I recently had a double lung transplant. My fev1 prior to surg. was 19, 3 wks post surg. it is 72.
Doing great otherwise. Just a little sore. I was placed on the transplant list Dec. 27 2017. Had my first dry run Jan. 4 and two more after the first dry run. I see where someone posted when do you know it is time for transplant. For me laying in bed at night wondering if I wanted to late and if I would get a offer in time.
I know I wanted to use my old lungs as long as I could.
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Thanks Bill! All is good 5 wks post. Fev1 is 95% walking 2 miles Stats 98-99 Hr. 87. Now to see if this old body can keep up with these new lungs. Amazing to be able to breath with ease! No Neb RX! No cough!
Thank God and my Donor for this!


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Congratulations! I wish you good health and happiness from here on out. Transplantation is truly a gift. God is good!

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