a breathtaking documentary about CF : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TegmwdEfTCQ


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Documentary film maker Maris De Smedt spent en entire year (April’09-April’10) capturing the life of an 18 year old triplet; Claire, Michelle and Vincent. In this order they were born, and most likely they will die in this exact same order as well.
The two girls suffer from the incurable disease Cystic Fibrosis. Claire’s death causes an abrupt and heartbreaking ending to their trinity. Michelle and Vincent stay behind, forever in search of the lost whole.

“Claire, me and my brother. In this order we were born and in this exact same order we will most likely die.”
- Michelle -

“My ‘breathing’ is different from yours. Submerge under water and try breathing through a thin drinking straw... that’s what it’s like for me, every breath anew...”
- Claire -

“I am the healthy one. I should be the happy one.” - Vincent -