A miraculous home remedy !!!!!


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I have a miracuolous home remedy that almost completely solve my problems. It's drinking Sodium-Chloride solution !!! Just a little every day, I also inhale it (boil it then inhale) and it cured muy lungs, I tried it first a month ago and it was a miracle to me. I advice everyone to try it. It is probably so beneficial as the main problem with cf is actually not transporting water and electrolites through lungs, intestines etc. This was a true miracle for me I advice everyone to try it it can do no harm.
drinking Sodiium-Chloride solution for intravenouous rehidratation!!!A miraculous home remedy!!!


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Are you aware that NaCl is regular kitchen salt and that regular food tends to contain loads of it?
Instead of a salt infusion you could eat soup and have something to enjoy at the same time..
Won't do anything for our CF bodies unless ofcourse you weren't getting enough salt before.

Inhaling salty spray is fine. How are you inhaling it? Through a nebulizer? How do you mean cook it? To sterilise it or to actually hang over a boiling pan with a cloth over your head for example? If you boil water and directly inhale the vapour sadly the salt will be left behind in the pan and not actually inhaled. That's not to say the humid vapour doesn't help clear your lungs and nose anyway ofcourse.


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I actually tried inhaling salty boiled water before and it did no good actully it made me feel worse. Since I sometimes use solution as a chheeper alternative for my contact lenses I one day came to idea to drink a bit. It made mY stomach pain go away (I have a Colon inflamation). I cured it my Colitis just by drinking half bottle of it every day for a month. I boil it and inhale it and it improved my lung health rapidly. It am aware that salt contains same ingredients but I think that it is about the exact proportion of nacl in the solution it is 9 to 1 or so and the ph of it is specially balanced. If it was the same as the salty water then they could give salty water in to the veins, wouldn't they? I think this is formula that body can apsorb much better than salt. In my country you can buy this in drug stores. I know that it sounds maybe stupid, but it helped me a lot and it is perfectly safe to drink it and inhale it, so you have nothing to lose if you try. It is like drinking oral rehidratation which I also tried afterwards but it did not help.I am just saying it helped me tremendously and I am just sharing this information.


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NaCl 0.9% or normal saline is the concentration used medically ( iv bags and flushing, irrigating, etc. ) because it is the same concentration as the body in it's natural state. Aka isotonic, meaning it will not draw/diffuse any more or less salt across a semi permiable membrane/cell wall. That is why in CF, hypertonic saline can be helpful. A higher concentration of salt will draw more water across the membrane to create an equilibrium. But if it's working for you, go with it.


I believe what you're speaking of is, or is similar to hypertonic saline therapy -- it is already a well-known treatment for cystic fibrosis and works quite well for some... It is, by no means, a "cure" -- but it is a treatment that has proven very beneficial for many -- here is a link with some explanation in the U.S. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation site:


Here is an entry on Wikipedia -- if you scroll down you'll find a section on hypertonic saline:


This treatment has been popular for the past 10 years or so... Very happy it works for you!

Love, Steve