Airway Clearance while camping/road tripping


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I'm wondering if anyone has tried running their vest and/or nebulizer compressor from a car AC DC adapter. I know there are portable vests and nebulizers, but they are quite expensive, so I'm looking for a way to use what I have while on vacation. If anyone knows what works (or doesn't work) when running the vest and nebulizer in a car, I'd appreciate your advice. I'm planning to go camping in a Prius and have a vest from Hill-Rom.


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There are a few battery operated, ac/dc adapter nebulizers out there. They came in handy while traveling to Europe. We have never attempted to use a Hill-Rom vest in the car thinking the voltage is too high.


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Years ago there was a blogger on this site who wrote about using a power inverter --- and having it hardwired to her car so she could vest and commute. [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]

We actually used an inverter and hooked it directly to the car battery when our son when camping with daycare so he could vest and then ran the nebulizer thru an actually plug in that our VW Jetta had, but we've also used an ac/dc car adapter on other cars for nebbing with a pari vios (standard nebulizer)