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I was just wondering if any of you have tried any "alternative" or homeopathic healing methods. I'm not thinking about giving up my antibiotics and traditional treatments cuz they've kept me very healthy for a long time. I've just heard people say things like acupuncture and homeopathic medicine have helped people with other conditions. Has anyone tried anything to treat their CF? If so, what did you do and how well did it work? Anything that didn't work? Thanks for your input!



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A friend of ours uses therapeutic massage (pressure points, etc.) with her CF daughter. She says it helps quite a bit with her sinus trouble and abdominal discomfort/pain.


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I went to a homeopath for awhile to see if there were any alternatives myself. This homeopath had me try Kali Bichromicum, an homeopathic medicine. It's purpose is to help loosen mucus. I typically like to use it when I have a cold and I'm so dry and clogged I cannot even breathe through my nose. It seems to help break it up. I would recommend talking to your doc or a homeopath first before taking this alternative, you never know how it could affect you.

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I have tried many different "alternative" therapies in conjunction with the usual modern/western therapies prescribed for CF. However, of the many I have tried, the best "alternatives" include Rolfing. And occasionally Oriental Medicine and Oriental Teas, concocted by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (mines from China). Chiropractic is sometimes beneficial too. I am about to try Naturopathy and begin Yoga (though I am not sure if I consider Yoga "alternative" seeing as how it is so popular today).

Rolfing is a very unique and complicated system of deep tissue message that seeks balance and integrates your muscular system. It is uniquely perfect for CF, I feel, because we have chronic repetitive demands on our breathing and coughing muscles, which make them over developed, and occasionally weak, and certainly full of tension. Rolfing for me releases the system of coughing and breathing muscles, thereby giving me greater muscular capacity to breath. My lungs are still full of crud, but with Rolfing my breathing muscles have the range of motion to make greater demands on my lungs, providing me greater motion, force behind my coughing and breathing, etc. I couldn't enumerate all the muscles used in the body, but I was somewhat surprised to learn that hamstrings, triceps, and biceps are among my breathing and coughing muscles. I thank God for Rolfing, and I try to see my Rolfer at least once every 2 months if not more frequently. As a side note, my Rolfer said that he would be out of business if everyone practiced Yoga diligently. Yoga seems to have beneficial effects if you are dedicated to its practice.

I go Chiropractic occasionally only because the muscle system works synergistically with the skeletal system. My back isnt so bad, but occasionally I cough and I tweak my back or my neck.

The Chinese herbal teas are more esoteric. I am not 100% that they work, though I have had amazing recoveries from colds and sicknesses in drinking the stuff. There is no one herb that is specifically good for a CFer. The teas are made based on the individuals needs and symptoms. So what works for me may not work for you. Though be prepared for them to possibly add some really weird stuff. In a couple of my teas I have had dehydrated lamb placenta. But it worked, at least most of the time. And one last thing, the teas I get are exceptionally bitter, and are tough to drink. I usually get the teas when I feel desperate or feel what I have is even work for my CF doctors. Depending on where you live, it can be easy to find a decent practitioner. If youre in the Midwest, or South, you may have trouble finding a good Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD also DOM).

I am about to try Naturopathy. It is expensive. But, I feel I owe it to my wife to myself to try it out.

Lastly, I get these different therapies not to try and get rid of my CF, but to manage my health, and keep from being so sick for so long. Some may say that they can "cure" you. Believe what you may, as hope can be powerful, but I believe in feeling normal, not being cured. Someday, if I find myself with too much money in my pocket, I might try Ozone therapy, and or Oxygen therapy. I read and was told that they are powerful therapies.

Best of luck.


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I do take some herbal medicine since about 3 weeks, the latin name is " Harpagophytum procumbens". I always had problems with my knees (hurting), which seems to be quite common with cf. Now I feel better, (no longer like 80 years old, when getting up) so it seems to help! I tried ibuprofen for that problem before, but didn´t notice anything.



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The focus topic of the current issue of the CF Roundtable is "Non-Conventional Medicines and Treatments." There are some interesting articles in there about what people with CF have tried and what has worked and how. I recommend subscribing to the CF Roundtable. The focus topics are open to anyone to write for and they are always enlightening and the "Ask the Lawyer" section is always helpful with rights issues, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, scholarships and the like. There's also a section that keeps us updated on studies and research as well as CF News. Go to <A href=""></A> to check out some of the past articles and back issues.


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We have thought about doing this for our daughter in the future, but haven't quite yet...I have heard there are some benefits. Just our of curiosity, Aimee, what part of CO are you from?