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I've seen a lot of discussion on the adult boards about glutathione and curcumin but not much here. I was just wondering if anyone had tried either of these on their child? If so, which one and have you noticed any improvements? Any objective improvements (ie increased spirometry readings, better labs, etc)? What about subjective improvements, can your child tell a difference? Also, on the glutatione, for anyone whose child uses it, do you use oral, inhaled, or as a nasal wash? On curcumin, what dosages do you use? Also, are any of your child's doctors on board or did you have to start them without their consent/knowledge? I've been considering these and would appreciate any feedback anyone has! Also, I am well aware of the risks and am not looking to be slammed, just want to gather as much information so I can make an informed choice.... Last thing, I read somewhere that some have used xylitol with success as a nasal wash for the chronic sinus problems and wondered if anyone had tried that? We're doing the standard baking soda/canning salt rinse and are looking for alternatives. Thanks for any input!!