Am I tired of this work?


I still meet with my high school girl friends once a month...that's goes back along time since we graduated in 1965!
Recently, at dinner, my friend Kathy had asked me about "my business" and I went on to state I'm working on an RFP for a company working with the They do the standards for companies making apps. "Our app" will be able to access, permission, and compensate for medical data".
And then friend Joanie asked me the question...
"Do I ever get tired of this?"
I gave an emphatic "NO!" though I get VERY tired of the red tape which is so necessarily involved and yet all the dead ends make me stronger.
The way I could best describe how this fits into our little HS group...53 years old! is through our cherished sister Lynda! Lynda has had lung cancer spread to her brain and to her hip. She still meets with us for dinner every month and she calls herself a "high functioning cancer patient"!
So I wonder if some day, her MOST VALUABLE data will be available. She will know the provenance and work flow of her data and people all over creation will learn what a "high functioning" cancer patient means.
Is it the care she receives? Her DNA? Her loving family? Her daughter Beth who calls her everyday? Her medical treatments, her Lifestyle...pushing on to work and whatever is next? In my world this would all be mapped out and become our 21st century job~
Lynda, you are another Great Personal Reason...I can say:
NO, I'm not tired of my work.
It is for you and for all of us who work and wonder at what makes us tick and will that ever be recognized as the worthwhile work and job that it is?
Salt and Light,