Anybody in Flordia?

I am thinking about moving to Florida to go to college and I wanted to know what the health care is like. If you could give me some information that would be great thank you!


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I live in Florida. Where exactly are you thinking of going to college? I live in North Florida (Tallahassee to be exact) and my daughter has CF. We use the CF Center that is located down in Gainesville. I think there is one more CF Center down in Orlando. I am happy with our CF Center in Gainesville.


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WOO HOO!! Go Seminoles!! Good choice!!
The weather here is pretty stable. We seem to have HOT summers. This year wasn't too bad for winter.......only a couple of days in the 20's and 30's and that was in the usually warms up pretty quick. We haven't had any real threats of hurricanes over the last 4 or 5 years........but that can change year to year. We are only about a half hour drive to the coast and about 1 hour 1/2 to a beach that is really popular called St. George Island.


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I went down and now go To the university of Tampa and was overseen by Tampa General hospital heart and lung transplant
Area because they have a
Cystic fibrosis clinic also. but I kept my primary care back at Hopkins and keep in regular contact with them regardless
Of the distance.


Just moved to Florida and go to clinic at Tampa General. I believe you don't fully know until you are admitted as a patient but their clinic is amazing so far!!! Their nurse coordinator "Sue Roberson" goes above and beyond for their patients and is soooooo helpful. She might just be doing her job but compared to my old clinic she is a breath of fresh air.