Anyone else HATE dealing with insurance?



So, about a month ago, I had to refill my Zenpep enzymes. For some reason, they only gave me 150 capsules-- which is NOT enough for a month when I'm supposed to take 3 to 5 capsules with meals. Maybe if I practically starved myself eating only once a day that'd work. :rolleyes:

I tried to refill, but I CAN'T (even after the doctor increased the capsules to 600), because it's too soon. So, I've been without enzymes for at least a few days (and having to use stuff like Miralax to avoid getting constipated)...and no thanks to Partnership HealthPlan of California, looks like I'll be without enzymes till the 6th. Fun.

Anyone else here have to deal with b.s. like this?


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Friend of mines daughter runs out from time to time and they've had to make due. We had issues last year with our insurances mail order prescription plan/pharmacy charging BCBS for Tobi we didn't or nor received. Couldn't refill cuz it wax too soon, so he missed some doses. Can your doctor provide any samples?


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Hey Jason,

I know how you feel. My insurance just canceled my boost. Sigh. For situations like this I always try to stock up. I just exaggerate how much I'm taking. I tell my doc: I'm doing albuterol 4x/day, not 3. I need 8 caps a meal, 5 meals a day. Stuff like that. I try to have 2-3 months supply to last me when this kind of bs happens.

Contact me at if you need an extra bottle or 2 of zenpep.


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Sometimes I come up short in meds. The pharmacist will always give me some coverage until dr re authorizes. If you are covered and have the Rx, talk to the head pharmacist. Their job is your health and in some states can prescribe when doctor isn't available. They should give you coverage.


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If you take Zenpep you can get FREE Boost delivered right to your door! You would simply sign up at You can also get your co-pays reimbursed through them. They do occasionally run out of Boost Plus in Chocolate (which is my son's favorite), but they have several other options to choose from. Right now my son is getting Clif's Z-Bars. OH, they also send free Vitamin D & AquaADEK vitamins. It's a really great program, and is not dependent on income!


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Sorry for the multiple posts, but BTW... I could write a novel on how much frustration I've had dealing with insurance companies. A NOVEL! Most recently, we we PENALIZED $4,000 because we received Brand name Tobi, instead of the generic which had just come out the month prior. This penalty did not go toward our deductible, nor out of pocket maximum. That was in addition to the $200.00 copay that they charge us for "Specialty Meds.". This is just one of many, many incidences that have occurred with our insurance over the past several years. I would ALWAYS highly recommend getting you Rx's through CF Services Pharmacy. THEY ARE THE BEST! I didn't think I was allowed to go through them anymore, since that's what my insurance (Formerly Medco, now ExpressScripts/Accreedo) led me to believe, but I finally got so fed up, that I called CF Services Pharm. and had them run a "Test Claim", and they said I could. I went from having daily stress over Rx's and co-pays that we couldn't afford, to having peace of mind that our meds would be delivered efficiently, and our co-pays would not make us go bankrupt. I would see if you can get your meds through them, they truly seem to care about the Cf community (it's affiliated with the Cf Foundation), understand the disease, and do their BEST to help you get your meds! That has been my experience with them. You should never be without your meds!


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Yes very much so! My latest challenge was with my son's Creon. They refuse to process the copay assistance on it anymore. They charge $90 whether it's a 1 month or 3 month supply so he only received a 1 month supply since that's what the script was written for in order for them to previously process it. It would have been nice to receive a call first so I could have requested a 90 day script from the doctor. Oh well enough about me!!! I hope your Zenpep issue gets better. It's so great that people have offered you some to tide you over!!


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I HATE insurance companies. I fight on a regular basis with them on just about everything. They deny every medication. EVERY medication when there is plenty of documentation indicating why I need the damn stuff. I will get out of a 2 week hospital stay and they will ask why I need a certain script filled. Really? They hope you just walk away and give up. You are and always will be your biggest advocate so keep fighting away. If you need any Zenpep I have a stock pile so message me and I will be more than happy to send you some :0)(PILLS)