Anyone Heard of MSM / DMSO?


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My Dad has found, through research, a naturally ocurring compound called MSM. Naturally ocurrs in the body and in many foods. Basically a sulphur that our body needs.
Why does it POTENTIALLY relate to CF?
Because MSM affects cell membranes, especially mucous membranes. It basically naturally coats cell membranes to help relieve them of excess pressure, fluid and toxins. It is believed to have amazing anti-inflammatory effects. I found a few articles referencing MSM use for the respiratory and digestive tracts.
There aren't many studies done on this, and as usual, our ridiculous FDA does not want to approve this. Only side effects recorded (found "studies" going back to the 1980's) include a period of nausea, headaches, etc. as MSM helps the body rids itself of toxins.
It is believed to also have beneficial effects on everything from diabetes, insulin resistance, bone and ligament health, allergies, skin conditions, and so much more.

I want to give it to Sam! It seems like a natural "miracle" and could help him so much! Not a cure, no, but an amazingly beneficial tool to keep him healthy.


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After a cursory review, I couldn't find any really good reasons to conclude this would have a huge impact in people with CF. The studies were often not double-blind and the results were mediocre at best. There is no recommended daily allowance values and there have been no long term studies in humans. The LD50 is more than 17.5g/kg, which is high. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier.