Anyone who took respiratory scleratoma massages.


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Am mother of 3yrs old boy with double copy of df508. I am actively pursuing alternative medicine for my son. A naturopath I consulted suggested me about dr Kauffman's scleratoma techniques to deal with my sons frequent lung infections. He has given me few internet links (below) to understand the scleratoma techniques.

there are many scleratomas but my interest is on this respiratory scleratoma.

terrywilliamsasthama in YouTube

i understand these are some massages to turn on the reflexes. I have no clue about their working or their authenticity. Wondering if someone here knows more about it. Please tell me anything that you know about these and if my son as young as 3 yrs can benefit from these.

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I don't know specifically about this type of massage and don't have time to check into it now. But prior to my transplant, my physical therapist knew exactly how and where to massage me to spur my coughing reflex and bring up my mucus. I'd recommend massage therapy for all cf patients. Heck, why stop there? For all humankind! :D