Azythromycin 1/2 dose 7 days or full dose Mon,Wed,Fri


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Has anyone tried Azythromycin 7 days a week at half dose verses full dose Mon, Wed, Fri. My doctor OKed either way, but I was wondering if anyone had tried both.

I am most tired on Sunday and I'm hoping 7 days may help. I have fealt better on the Mon, Wed, Fri then without Azythromycin.


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Ds did it when he was younger because of the amount of dosage for his age. Now he does every other day rather than mwf


I take it everyday 365 unless I'm on leviquin. I suggest take it daily.

Best of Luck


My daughter is going to start this after she has an EKG to make sure it won't cause heart palpitations. She's been on Augmentin for awhile but they want to switch and save the Aug. for when she has an active infection. I'm glad I saw this thread because every time we start something new, I like to see how it's been effective. It sounds like it can really help. Thanks for posting!


Azithromycin is a horrible drug really. It inhibits autophagy in lung cells... this allows all kinds of things (especially mycobacteria) to get in and stay there without being attacked. Its quorum sensing inhibition is no better than good Allicin/Ajoene. Only anti-inflammatory until your beta2 receptors can't take anymore then the inflammation comes back.

Ask for Doxycycline... Doxycycline will become the new "Azithromycin" for CF. Doxycycline actually increases CFTR expression (think Vertex drugs here, don't believe me? Get on Doxycycline pay attention to how fast and to what degree your hands wrinkle in water..), has different anti-inflammatory pathways (very effective) than azithromycin. It does NOT inhibit autophagy (thus does not predispose to Mycobacteria family bacteria). As long as I am talking about Mycobacteria, Doxycycline inhibits MMP in Mycobacterium helping to controls its growth IF you did have it. This is why they use Tetracycline antibiotics to treat mycobacteria infections. Doxycycline or Tigecycline.