Being seen as gay?!


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So I feel like people see me as gay becaues of a few reasons including: I'm not athletic, my voice isn't that deep, and I don't talk about girls. I just find it akward talking about me liking girls, I really don't know why. I don't like talking about girls in front of anyone. I find girls attractive, but I dont make remarks like "Oh wow id f her" or anything. First off i think its just rude saying that, and I would actually want to make 'that moment' special.


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i'm the same as you almost, and i'm 25. my voice is not deep at all, my friend calls it angelic, lol. hard for me to grow facial hair, and i have 'womenly' features. i have been tested for low testosterone though so i am thinking about taking shots to bump it up. i do stare at guys and girls, but i am just not attracted to guys at all. if a guy is hot, then yea i would notice.


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Sexuality can vary widely over a person's lifetime. But... I don't think this is about whether you're gay or not. This is about you being perceived as gay, right? I understand! Not athletic, high voice, doesn't express a lot of interest in girls, and...if you have CF...probably emo thin. Am I right? Well, a lot of us have gone through that. People can think what they want - doesn't make them right. You be who you are; that's all that's required.


I'm not sure how my voice sounded (probably raspy), but I didn't do any school athletics. I did play Ice Hockey, yet still don't think I looked all that "fit" cause I still got some teasing from classmates.
I was interested in girls in those days, but like you was a bit shy about expressing it.
If you are not questioning your sexuality, then just be sure to keep up on your meds, nutrients, and see if there is some sort of activities you will enjoy doing.
As the years go by, your body will probably look more masculine, due to what was suggested as hormones not moving as fast.
An added point to mention about me, I didn't have facial hair until after my late twenties, and it was actually better that way.

Hope that helps.


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Hi enzo,
The replies above have said a lot, and I echo a number of points that were made. In high school and even college, I was super thin (despite working out a lot), had a relatively high voice, and little facial hair. CF or no CF, everyone matures differently and at different rates. A testosterone check might be indicated, just in case it is low, which is not unheard of in CFers. So, physiologically, everyone's different. Moreover, in case you ever questioned this, your physiological development does not determine your sexuality, and I say that as a training health care professional.

But you also mentioned some concerns that are more psychological than physiological (no, I'm not calling you crazy, it's just those things are a different topic than physical development). Part of development means coming to terms with your own value system, and there is nothing wrong with you regarding:
(1) your desire to not speak degrading things about women
(2) you seeming to be a bit uncomfortable talking about your attractions to other individuals (men or women)
(3) having attractions to other individuals (men or women).

That last point is pretty important relating to what you say. As suggested above, if you truly have those attractions, you may indeed be bisexual or homosexual/gay. At the same time, you could still be heterosexual/straight, and just have the confidence in yourself and in your own sexuality to say "well damn, that is one fine looking guy," and that be it.

The most important thing is to understand that however you identify sexually, you have innate worth as a human. It is truly unfortunate that we live in a time where non-heterosexual identification (bi, gay, queer, etc) is often stigmatized, but you should know that there is a tremendously large part of the population, both in the US and globally, that accepts you as you are. It is possible that some people on this forum will send some flak my way for these comments, but I hope you take away that however you do identify (and your sexual identification is part of who you are), you have friends, you have resources available to you, and you have worth.

PM me if you have more questions, happy to chat w/ you.